Vaya de borde a borde con Gesture Navigation (Android Dev Summit ’19)

Para ayudar a los desarrolladores a crear experiencias atractivas, Android 10 agrega nuevos modelos de navegación del sistema que permiten que las aplicaciones ocupen más espacio en la pantalla del usuario. Esta charla examina cómo deberían funcionar las aplicaciones con la nueva navegación por gestos y las formas de mitigar los conflictos de gestos. También analizamos cómo actualizar las aplicaciones para ir de extremo a extremo, retirando las barras del sistema para crear una experiencia atractiva para los usuarios. Presentado por: Chris Banes, Rohan Shah Android Dev Summit ’19 listas de reproducción de todas las sesiones → ¡Suscríbase al canal de desarrolladores de Android! → Mira el álbum de fotos → Evento #AndroidDevSummit: Android Dev Summit 2019; re_ty: Publicar; producto: Android – General; nombre completo: Chris Banes, Rohan Shah;

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9 comentarios

  1. Literally the only app that supports this is Reddit

  2. YouTube doesn't support edge to edge , ironically.

  3. All you had to do was not show this dumb-ass iOS-like line below

  4. Am i the only one who thinks edge-to-edge doesn't actually look or function better? I'm sure the tech reviewers and designers will like it, but is it the potential aesthetic improvements worth the loss of functionality?
    Also, limiting side swipes seem like it's taking up a HUGE space of possible inputs. it's revealing that things like carousels and swipes of e.g. recycler view items are going to be conflated with back swipes. This will mean, in due course, less functional apps or more nested apps that require more user inputs to perform the same tasks (imagine in photos, having to go up to a list of photos and selecting another one, instead of being able to swipe between photos).

  5. this seems complicated and has a lot of work by developers side


    Best solution to that is top half edge of the screen should be for side menu and bottom half
    edge of the screen should be for back

  7. I love sliding from the button with these minimalistic buttons as it gives more attention to the content.
    I don't like the idea that the toolbar is mandatory. In this YouTube – screen, I don't want to have a youtube logo above the video – screen.
    I hate sliding from the side to navigate!!!
    I loved how I was able to just navigate with the three little small buttons and left the rest up to the app.
    Why not have it the way Samsung is doing it: with the minimalistic buttons but then all the 3 buttons next to each other.
    For the not-elderly it's very easy to remember. For the elderly, just make the buttons bigger just as we have at the moment.
    Then we aren't buying an IPhone with its gestures (and as the apps need to reflect those gestures, with similar looking apps) but an true android which I loved.

  8. What about navigation drawer? 🤔

  9. this is not easy to follow. 🙁

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