Un fanático de Android actualizado a iPhone 13

Fanboy traiciona a Android y cambia a Apple iPhone 13. No vas a creer lo que sucede a continuación. Estamos contratando. Aplicar ahora — 0:00 Introducción 0:54 Transferencia de datos de chat de WhatsApp de Android a ios 1:32 Soporte de Truecaller 2:00 Sin grabación de llamadas 2:25 Sin soporte de Galaxy Watch 3:07 Comentarios hápticos decepcionantes 3:39 Experiencia personal (Me gusta /No me gusta) 6:52 Duración de la batería 7:39 ¿Qué tan fluida es la experiencia? 8:10 ¿Cosas que extraño de Android? 9:32 Error 10:10 Pensamientos Únete al canal #teamtechwiser TechWiser Hindi – Sitio web – YouTube – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Canal de Telegram –

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  1. The saddest thing is I can’t charge my phone without my charger, while my friends can use any charger from a friend

  2. Hey Pratik, please suggest a camera focused mob around 15k to 20k price range…..

  3. Prateek is sooooo annoying!

  4. I always slam iphones

    FTP ability?
    Wirelessly stay connected just via fixed home ip for all laptops like linux windows and my mac

    File transfer via usb and even direct otg backup of phone to my usb thumbdrive and nit just my hdd (external)

    Newpipe, youtube is not for me. See how I am wasting time commenting here.

    But apart from that, all works fine
    Drive/box etc are integrated in files app but can’t manually add like 3 different one drives and 2 different gdrives

    Noise watch works fine
    Truecaller, idk, mine detects spam on first call also but doesn’t detect with popups and all like android.

    Haptic feedback was not used by me ever after I ruined one vibrator motor on my Mi A1.

    I love the form factor of my iPhone 13

    iPhones on other features are now on par.

  5. No Apple fans were harmed in making this video

  6. Had my first 4 phones android and getting my iphone 13 this 25, im so excited, been craving an iphone for years

  7. why is call recording important in india

  8. I'm sad apple app store has no Torrenting apps. BitTorrent protocol is so inherent to computing devices.

  9. Apple os is a communist and android is the democracy ..😀

  10. after watching this i am sticking with Android.

  11. Damn I didn't expect him to speak English 😭😭 , keep doing this because most Indian folks love clickbaiting people

  12. 21 din mein paisa double 😁😂😁😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂lol

  13. I am a freedom user who uses many many third party apps. I recently switched to Iphone 12 Pro max. But sold it on day 7! This is IMPOSSIBLE for Android power users to switch to iphone. Heres some Problems I faced.

    1. Apple Calculator App Literally SUCKS! No Features at all. Not even the basic feature like history and previous calculation viewer
    2. No Spelling Checker on Entire Phone! I've spelled many wrong words on emails but it doesnt showed me anything! Even on apple keyboard
    3. Sideloading is A mess. Altstore is good but not even close to android
    4. no youtube vanced (alternative youtube ++ is good but noting can beat vanced)
    5. The notch. Yes If you switch to Android after iphone you will see a HUGE Difference on content watching. I've switched to s20 ULTRA and it is far better than 12 pro max

    At the end I'll never recommend anyone to buy iphone if you are a hardcore android user. Also I'll not switch to iphone EVER. Loving My Android More than before

  14. Loved the way you’ve presented it😊!!!!
    Cheers & do good👍🏻

  15. Am still getting an iphone

  16. There is haptic feedback on an iPhone's keypad. We can just enable it in settings by going to haptic and then keyboard.

  17. The haptic feedback is needed 😂

    For me at any cost 💀 i used iPhone and still use but Android maximum time

    The haptic feedback which is not available i dont ❤️‍🔥 feel the way I type it's like I dont know what I am typing. 😂

    Chalo bye mauj karo

  18. Charging speeds are also an issue I noted. My xiomi 11T pro takes around 18 mins to charge fully, so if I'm in a hurry to go somewhere in like 10 mins, by the time I get ready, my phone is fully charged. I understand the overnight charging is a thing but for a sudden situation, it's irritating to wait

  19. He said "ok Google " there and my google starts up 🙄

  20. There's an application that called "move to iOS" that made by apple itself on PlayStore. And it's only work for when you are on iphone 1st setup. Then choose move from android.

  21. There's an application that called "move to iOS" that made by apple itself on PlayStore. And it's only work for when you are on iphone 1st setup. Then choose move from android.

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