(Última parte) Aprenda la API de Camera2 (2019) en Android Studio

En esta serie de videos, intentaré enseñarle los conceptos básicos de la API de Camera2 usando Android Studio. Habrá 5 partes en total para esta serie. Esta es la última parte de esta serie y en este video te enseñaré cómo tomar fotos con la API Camera2 en Android Studio. Descarga todos los códigos de Android:.

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23 comentarios

  1. It doesnt work for me. It says" Failed to release buffer: Unknown error -1" so I dont know? Can anyone help?

  2. How to create access to the exposure, zoom, focus controls via Bluetooth, for the Camera 2 API?

  3. How to enable front camera

  4. bro no sounds in this video??????

  5. This simple app. have 5 tutorial cideos whereas the previous one simple camera API had this thing in only one video. Why did google deprecated that if it so difficult to implement?

  6. Getting fatal error on session.create, how to resolve it?

  7. hi sir, i has a bug on Google Pixel 2XL real device:
    E/CameraCaptureSession: Session 1: Failed to create capture session; configuration failed
    Can you help me fix it? Thanks.

  8. I followed the 5 videos that you published, it works perfectly in emulator, but when compiling it on my phone it always saves a blank/damage image of 0 kb

  9. where can i search the codes?

  10. where is the file saved , couldnt find it anywhere in phone !

  11. It would be like zoom control, wb, iso with bluetooth communication??
    Do an update with these examples zoom control, wb, iso with bluetooth!
    How do I make my smartphone screen not dim while the app is on?

  12. Not too sure where I went wrong, but my program will not hit the "onImageAvailable" method in "OnImageAvailableListener" and so it won't save the picture. Any help is appreciated.

  13. thank you for this video.

    In camera api we can access the almost all features of our built in camera, is it possible for camera2 api to access the feature of our built in camera. [feature like ratio of window, save image file using specific size(3000 x 3000), etc ] . So that in some cases we need the change the setting of the camera app manually.

  14. Thanks a lot, finally a tutorial which doesn't use deprecated functions and actually works!!

  15. thank you for your amazing tutorials. I have a question. After capturing a image I want to jump to another Fragment and show captured image in this Fragment. Where should I call my method backtopreviousFragment() to jump back? I thought I put this method in wrong place, the app crashed or image was not saved.

  16. please share your code

  17. So much code for a takepicture xD

  18. hello mr. would you upload the script on GitHub please..

  19. Great video series. Very clear and I liked the way you worked out some of the steps. 2 things. Is it just me or is there no sound on video 5? Also is the code posted anywhere?

  20. Hello sir, how are you?. Please can you make videos on attendance management app Or school management app. I want to show attendance to students from Firebase. I didn't apply logic for this. Please share your logic or knowledge with me. I like your way of teaching.

  21. pls make tutorial on video recording also

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