Tutorial de desarrollo de Android: autenticación personalizada de FirebaseUI

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  1. Screen orientation portrait style not working in Firbase Ui. What to do?

  2. Thank u for video! i have question about UI. So wheh user , e.g. if i press on register with Email and then i show certain form this form doesnt match the design . How to change design namely this form ?

  3. What If I don't want to show the main_activity.xml, in this case the "Hello world" page, and I only want to show de login page

  4. Still it shows main activity layot,, It should directly show FIREBASEUI!

  5. Hello Sir,

    Is it possible to change the color of the button for Sign in with phone?? Kindly help/guide.

  6. Hi, I wanted to add the profile info into realtime database

    if anybody knows how to please help, couldn't find anything on the google also

  7. Thanks for the video if have one question if user not logged in then go to UI auth and if user already logged in then go to another activity on button click how is possible??

  8. in 11.27 I can't find menu "Batch Drawable Import" in my Android Studio… Help Pls

  9. Sir a question, can you disable one of those buttons? for example I have 2 buttons, one to enter with a number, and the other with an email, what I want is for both to be shown but I can only access the email and the number is disabled.

  10. first thank you sir for supporting us.
    and I have question about Id of android device.
    means I want to get id of android device which will not be changed when device reboot in my application.

    "when user reinstall my app so user must get that id which he/she got it when user installed my app first time.
    and every user has different id from each other"

    I read android docs about android device id but I am still in confusion and I didn't get proper answer from docs and in api 29 or Q version of android android.developer docs says don't use device ID and IMEI no may be it deprecated in API 29. so please help me how I get id of android device which I mentioned above
    please help me sir…!

  11. Go on with java language

  12. Thank you my pro🌹

  13. When are you starting the new Uber project😭😭😭

  14. Thanks a lot sir for this video. Can you please make a video on how to update phone number of phone login

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