Tome estos 5 cursos para ganar 20 pack Lacs como Ethical Hacker en menos de 1 año

El hacking ético puede generar mucho dinero ya que aún no está muy extendido en nuestro país. Pocos de mis amigos han tomado estos cursos y están ganando mucho dinero trabajando en línea. Me encantaría recibir su apoyo, POR FAVOR COMPARTA este video con alguien, también ayuda a otros a aprender y ganar. A continuación hay enlaces a todos los cursos que mencioné en el video. Si te gusta el video que hice para ti hoy, apóyanos suscribiéndote al canal, presiona el botón Me gusta y no olvides presionar el ícono de la campana. PRUEBA DE PENETRACIÓN DE UDEMY ESTUDIANTE PENTESTER LAB HACK THE BOX OSCP OSWE OSEE Gracias por ver el video, compártalo con alguien para ayudar a alguien hoy. alena

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  1. My Brother is also doing ethical hacking 😎🔥

  2. 😭😭😭😭😭

  3. As a Linus user I can say you are doing a great job 🎉

  4. To be honest i wanted to be ethical hacker just because i love the work they do and i got this interest because of the game i played "WATCHDOGS" , i wanted to be ethical hacker my dream🥺🥺

  5. It's which dollar us doller or Canada dollor

  6. simple and clean explanation

  7. Why no one is speak about Option/Plan B or C.
    ……if you fail then what🤔🤔????

  8. Hi Aleena Ma'am, I am commenting on this video because it was the first video I watched from your channel, as Youtube algorithm popped this video of yours under my Home tab during lockdown. Thanks for sharing such important information regarding ethical hacking. I came back here after watching your video on Success: "Ab nhi diya na to ye chali jayegi, Ye hamare hath se nikal jayegi" and then the video "9 painful failures which shaped my life" there in the end you mentioned that you do read your viewers comments which somehow motivated me to put a comment down here as usually I keep my comments to myself unless it feels necessary to do so. Thank you so much for spreading hope and making us feel heard and seen.

  9. A good source of information I have found from here …😊
    Soo can you make some more videos on the same topic it would be more helpful for us…🙂

  10. Why does is look like….it's going to take few lacs to complete the course 😂

  11. Don't give false hopes to audience

  12. It’s a passion not for money

  13. Great video , Hope this will help me in my future, Thank you so much mam.

  14. Is there any age limit in respect of joining courses or any possible psychological issue if anyone wants to chase his/her long-lost dream again???

  15. Wow such an informative video !!! Thanks so much 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  16. understood everything but which language for coding ?

  17. Are you sagittarius?

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