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LA MATRIZ: la exageración de la tecnología inalámbrica 5G es real, con lo que puede admitir simulaciones de realidad virtual y descargar videos en segundos, pero eso es exactamente 5G y ¿Qué estamos dispuestos a arriesgar por una mejor conexión a Internet?

Raconteur, EMF Scientist Organization, Lifewire, The Verge, Nature

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38 comentarios

  1. Sounds impractical. Have to have a tower around every corner, causes harm to humans, and can't use it inside. I'll pass

  2. I'm good with my 4G….. I don't need another thing that can give me cancer

  3. WE CANNOT have 5g we dont need it

  4. Russia ?? the best. China ?? friend Russia. First in world???

  5. This is the opposite of what the phone companies say hahahaha

  6. We live in a time where the phrase "radiation free areas" make perfect sense and arent something to be worried about.

  7. Check out how sickness like

    Will grow in numbers
    Because of the human body being irradiated from all over.??

  8. Cancer For All. None Left Behind.

  9. Wont have to worry about sunbathing anymore

  10. Silicon valley is okay with profits and harm as long as it's tech, and SJW

  11. Strange part is even though i dont use mobile phone . I will get the radiation …. ):

  12. What about animals and birds the effect on them, they will be harmed the most, we might think they are just animals but if the chain eco chain breaks it will directly affect us also.

  13. Thanks for the information sir.?
    I will try to stay safe.

  14. Here in Korea 5G is the norm

  15. HAWEI es lo MÁXIMO!!!!!!!

  16. I saw a documentary how this is going to be really bad,but people will still think this is great and accept it even though they don't have a choice.

  17. What about other animals if they getting in contact with the harmful radiation ?

  18. This doesn’t explain 5g what so ever!!!! 5G was developed just like all cellular and internet technology by the military as a defensive and offensive weapon. The short range millimeter waves allows 5g to virtually create a 3D radar image of any building or anything in the surrounding area. It can also harm people directly when they are exposed to the electromagnetic radiation. Otherwise it can be used as a crowd dispersal weapon. If they intentionally turned up the power high enough and focused it on a certain area they could cook you like a
    Microwave!!!!! 5g is so dangerous that scientist around the world are sounding the alarm to stop the production and installation of 5g towers!!!

  19. Corp 5G explained: Profit!

    Me 5G explained: Mass cancer

  20. I can wait to get a new iPhone xs for 5G network ????️

  21. What happened to li-fi? Isn’t light speed faster than 5g, and safer?

  22. I still want a s10 5g

  23. black shakes

  24. It's really not worth it. We can already access the internet in literally seconds. It would be a huge waste of money overall. Sometimes you have to know when enough is enough.

  25. Developed in Israel, but no plans to ever use it there… I wonder why

  26. Nobody Excited about 5G and Cancers

  27. 500 mb/s
    Tomonews: 5 Ehm-Bee-Pee-S

  28. I read a fact (I don't if it true or not) . It being said that NASA can download data 100GB per second. So what 'G' it call for.

  29. SpaceX starlink internet seems better, providing global internet access. That seems like the future route of the internet.

  30. i get it is fast but personaly its not worth it in any way 5g should be canceled right away

  31. just like plastic people only want what they can use now not what tomorrow brings:)

  32. They are turning the freaking FROGS G4Y!!!!! He's right when it comes to 5g though, scary

  33. Here before 200 views

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