Sony Xperia 1 II Actualización de Android 11 | 15 nuevas funciones

La actualización de Sony Xperia 1 ii Android 11 está aquí y aquí hay 15 funciones nuevas que verá en su increíble # SonyXperia1ii cuando actualice a # Adroid11. Android 11 Easter Egg 0:47 # ofertas de Xperia1ii [EU] : Xperia 1 precio ii [US] : 🧨💥 ¡ÚNETE A WHATGEAR! SOPORTA UNA TECNOLOGÍA DE YOUTUBER UNDERDOG UK: 💥 🧨 ——————————————————————————————— QUÉ EQUIPO UTILIZO PARA WhatGear Reviews Sony A7 III Cámara sin espejo: Sony FE 24-105 mm Lente G: Sony SEL 28F20 Lente: Bestview S7 4K hdmi Monitor de campo: Rode Video Mic: Audio Technika Micrófono de solapa: Blue Yeti X Micrófono: Manfrotto Befree Trípode: DJI Ronin S Gimbal: Neewer Luces LED: Neewer Ring Light: Logitech G915 Teclado: Secret Lab Titan Silla para juegos: Arrowzoom Espuma acústica: —————————————————————————————— – ↗️ OBTENGA MÁS VISTAS GRATIS CON TUBEBUDDY: ㊙️ HERRAMIENTA SECRETA PARA OPTIMIZAR SUS VIDEOS: ——————————————————————————— MIRA MÁS VIDEOS DE WHATGEAR – Sony Xperia 5 Vs Galaxy Note 10 plus Vs Huawei P30 pro | Prueba de velocidad: actualización de Android 10 para Sony Xperia 5 | 10 NUEVAS características 🔥: Oneplus 7t Pro McLaren Edition | El segundo Android más rápido de 2019 | Unboxing: Sony Xperia 5 Vs iPhone 11 Vs. Oneplus 7t pro mclaren – Prueba de velocidad: Sony Xperia 5 Gaming – ¡Un arma secreta revelada! : Revisión del reloj Huawei Gt2 | Apple Watch Killer? : Comparación de cámara Galaxy S10 Vs Oneplus 7 pro: Cámara Oneplus 7 Pro Vs Galaxy S10 @ London Comic Con: Honor 8X Vs Honor 10 Lite Cámara que es mejor: Honor 8X Vs iPhone XS Max Comparación de cámara @MCMcomiccon: Xperia L3 todo eso necesita saber: Sony Xperia 1 mes después Revisión: Sony WH-1000XM3 Vs Bowers & Wilkins PX Auriculares: Sony WH-1000XM3 Vs Sony WH-1000XM2: Revisión de la barra de sonido Sony HTZ9F: Asus Zenfone 6 Vs Galaxy S10 Shootout Camera: Cámara compacta Vs Smartphone Huawei P20 pro): Honor 20 Lite Vs iPhone @ London Eye: Honor View 20 Vs Huawei Mate 20 pro: Devialet Phantom Reactor Review: Devialet Gold Phantom, 1 año después Revisión: SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 10 Fugas y rumores: AKG N60NC Auriculares: SPOTIFY Vs DEEZER: Revisión de HUMAX HB1100S: Revisión de SONY SRS-XB30: Explicación simple del Phantom DEVIALET: Revisión de la barra de sonido SONY HT-RT3: Fugas y rumores de SONY Xperia XZ4: Revisión de Xperia XZ2 Plus: ———————————— ——————————————————————— 🆓 VIDEO PRIME GRATIS [EU] : 🆓 PRIME MUSIC GRATIS [EU] : 🆓 VIDEO PRIME GRATIS [US] : 🆓 PRIME MUSIC GRATIS [US] : ————————————————- ——————————————– 🌍 SITIO WEB OFICIAL DE WHATGEAR Y COMPETICIONES ———————————————– ——————————————– 📱 SÍGUEME AQUÍ – Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat: Google+:.

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50 comentarios

  1. Dose the xperia 1 get android 11 or not ???

  2. HI,

    Coming back again to Xperia 1 ii.

    I don't have a Sony Camera, but could you comment of the new feature of Android 11 that allows Xperia 1 ii to be used as an external monitor via usb-c?

    And tell us how well that works?

  3. I hope they fix the HDR Camera Quality it's simply shocking on Sony 5 ii.

  4. Did they fix the navigation bar ? Cuz when u go play a game or watch netflix it cuts you're screen when using the gesture navigation …. probably not cuz sony …. 🙁

  5. How's the selfie camera being blurry and low res, and the camera stabilization when taking video???
    Also why is the screen of all Sony phones seems washed out??

  6. I have nearby share in Android 10 and I did used it among my Xperia 1 and Mi 10 phone without issues

  7. Will the Xperia XZ2 get android 11?

  8. I still haven't gotten the update 😭

  9. I only get three buttons on the long press power button menu. No Google pay, no smart devices menu, not 3 dots menu setting buttons. Anyone figures out yet? Thanks.

  10. Strange but nearby share works for my Xperia One II still on android 10 and all my galaxy devices Android 10, 8 and galaxy tab s3.
    I just want to know if the Xperia One II with android 11, will be able to rotate the wallpaper in landscape mode?

  11. Not getting any yet. I have the Dual Sim XQ-AT52 version. I'm in Canada. Any way i can manually download the firmware?

  12. Imo oxygen system has half of these implementations if not more already. I'm using the op6t and get regular software updates.
    However the sony 5ii and sony 1ii are awesome handsets it's just android software is not as good as oxygen.
    Personally i will still get the sony 5ii, as i love the phone and it ticks all my boxes in regards to the features it provides. It's a bit of a compensation but i believe it's worth taking 🙂

  13. Still didn't receive the update in USA for me at least.

  14. A lot of great features in this new update. Would be perfect if cinema pro and photo pro got updates too.

  15. The Xperia 1 on Android 10 has Nearby Share too!

  16. So I have this phone. Happy with it except for one thing. When I tab my finger on the back of the phone, bottom side, I can hear some sort of rattle. A cheap hollow plastic kind of rattle. Do more people experience this? And I'm not talking about the camera rattle, which is normal. Just to be clear.

  17. I also have nearby share on android 10.

  18. Any news about dc dimming?

  19. Watching from my Xperia 1 ii 🙂 great video man

  20. Sony ♥️♥️👌

  21. "I could not get the screen protector for this phone" every XPERIA user experience.

  22. Smartwatch your wearing???

  23. Thanks for video….. Great as always

  24. Always on battery care was in Android 10 already

  25. Record calling ?????

  26. Nearby share works on all devices Android 6.0 and above

  27. Hi, some of the features presented are already on old android Xperia devises like native screen recording and nearby share. The later is found on my Xperia XZ1

  28. Kindly pointing out several missed new important features:
    1) 4K 120fps slo-mo recording in Cinema Pro
    2) Photo Pro updates: MR mode, focus area color, aspect ratio quick toggle
    3) Use Xperia as external monitor for cameras via a wired connection

  29. Can you give us your phone shell's name ?

  30. How can you use the chat bubbles (like in messenger) with WhatsApp??? I tried but in the notification message there is not the small icon that allows me to use the chat as a floating bubble

  31. Și you a actually have on a 6 months old phone an app that wasn't used in the past year 😀

  32. What it has a customised Android or stock Android ?I prefer stock

  33. Hope they fixed the default camera app. Light years behind the iPhone or Pixel

  34. Just Imagine if sony makes a gaming phone😮😮😮

  35. Actual working 5G would be MUCH appreciated Sony FFS! So many countries use so called supported 5G bands and users CANNOT access their local 5G network when they should be able to.

    My wife bought a Zenfone 7 Pro and 5G worked out of the box. My Xperia 5 ii has never worked with any 5G network here in Australia. In fact nobody has ever got a Xperia 5 ii or 1 ii to work on 5G here. Bloody joke. Thanks Sony ☹️

  36. Better update back button to the right hand side on 5 ii bloody annoying! Normal camera app shite especially in low light. Bugs on WiFi not coming on. Despite these annoying things it's a good phone.

  37. Link to the wallpaper please.

  38. If dark theme black is in deep black . then it will more premium
    Bcoz display is oled so definitely need that

  39. I have the sim card thing in my Xperia XZ3 and running on Android 10. So I don't think it's a new thing
    I got the nearby shere option for a long time ago and I have it right now. So I don't think it's android 11.
    Last but not least you forgot to mention the 4k 120fps upgrade in the cinema Pro app.

  40. What you think is conversation bubble (priority setting) actually isn't the conversation bubble feature. That priority, silent etc was there on the 1 II on Android 10 already. Conversation bubble iirc only works with messenger (fb) so far. Get a notification from that app. Now on the bottom right there is a new blue icon. That's chat bubble. The idea is to create one bubble for multiple conversations across apps that is ontop at all time. I'm guessing whatsapp and telegram need to update their apps to use this.

  41. love your videos about Sony ♥️ but nearby share i have found was available in 2016 year model Xiaomi Redmi 3X

  42. Has the battery life changed in anyway?

  43. I've noticed the settings button doesn't work on the quick settings (just, why did they add this bullshit) in the notification bar that got introduced with Android 11.

  44. Can you share from where you bought that beautiful case for the Xperia 1 ii

  45. Largest phone clock I've ever seen and he still checks his watch lol

  46. There are rumours that the Xperia 1 ii received HDMI In support (using the phone as a mini monitor)? Any word on that?

  47. If this phone would have a 90hz display it would be the perfect one.

  48. Just to let you know, Nearby Share was on Xperia 1ii Android 10.

  49. I have an international version of the 1 mark 2 but live in the states and haven't got any updates yet this month

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