Serie Lightroom CC Masterclass: Edición de fotos en un dispositivo móvil – Primera parte

Serie de clases magistrales de Lightroom CC: edición de fotos en un dispositivo móvil: primera parte Introducción a la edición en Lightroom CC Esta es la primera parte de una clase magistral de 2 horas y 20 minutos diseñada para ayudarlo e inspirarlo a dominar el proceso de edición en el software de edición Lightroom (version móvil). Esta película también está respaldada por un libro electrónico gratuito que se puede descargar desde este enlace: Mark Galer es un Sony Alpha Ambassador para Australia. El sitio web de soporte de Mark para contenido educativo gratuito es Patreon Support Site – si encuentra útil el trabajo de Mark, considere hacer una donación para cubrir los costos de alojamiento web y crear contenido nuevo. Vaya al enlace Donaciones #LightroomCC #AdobeAustralia.

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  1. Has anyone here experienced plugging Apple SD card reader into iPhone 11 Pro Max and not been able to access or import photos from SD card. 

    The "Add Photos to All Photos" dialog box will not even let me select "from Camera Device" (its unhighlighted) once I plug the card reader and card into while app is running.

    I cant find anything from Adobe on their help section regarding this so I thought I would try here too. 

    Thanks ahead of time to any answers.

  2. Hey Mark, your videos open my mind to see more things and open my hart to embrace them. I Thank you for your class.

  3. Hi Mark, can you tell me which one of your video's to watch for Lightroom desktop ? (I have version 3.4). Thank you !

  4. I guess that the fact you are editing in LR CC doesn't limit us who are learning to use the same principles and editing options in classic?

  5. Hello Mark, I'm following you for a long time, and I love the professionalism and good and clear teaching in your videos! Keep up the good work!
    I'm searching for a specific tutorial, maybe you have made it but I can't find it. I'll try to explain.
    At home I use Lightroom Classic, but I want to try to use Lightroom CC om my new iPad Pro on my next vacation (when Corona will allow it). So at my vacation I'll use my iPad pro with external HD connected. I'll take the photos from my A7RIV and move them with my iPad to the external HD. After that I want to import the photos to Lightroom CC (mobile of course). I want to edit the photos at my iPad.
    After the vacation at home, I want the files from my external drive added to my iMac using Lightroom Classic, but I want to have the editing changes I made at my vacation used at my files, so don't start all over again editing, but use the changes I made at my vacation. Hope that you understand my question…
    Did you make a video covering this question? And if not, maybe you know where to find it?
    Thank you so much!
    Have a good day!!!

  6. Hey Mark, thank you for the fantastic series of free tutorial ! I can confirm that you can directly transfer photos from Sony cameras (A7iii here) to a 2018 ipad pro and newer with a simple usb c cable. LR CC automatically detects the SD card with raws and asks you which ones you want to import. Really great 🙂

  7. Lovely video Mark, and some great shots. As a physicist, just wanted to point out that Kelvin temps. are not measured in degrees, it's just 300K

  8. First one down, now for the rest 🙂 thanks Mark, learned features I didn't know I could use, will make for smarter editing. I really liked your statement about expression and memory, I'll use that. All we need now is decent internet speeds in Australia to fully utilise the cloud as Adobe intended! 🙂

  9. You should really tell your viewers how much a membership is, I would have to pay $60 USD per month for 1Tb of storage

  10. Fantastic as always Mark, much appreciated

  11. You mention a "LR Classic" Version. Please, where can i find it?

  12. Very good, Mate!

  13. Thank you for this Great Video Mark 🥰👍🤩

  14. Which would you say is better mark lightroom or photoshop?

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