Resumen de Developer Speech y noticias de Android 11! WoTV! ¡Guerra de las visiones de FFBE!

¡Una breve descripción general del discurso del desarrollador y una pista rápida de las novedades de Android 11! ¡Recomiendo ver el video de la charla del desarrollador! : D ¡Fue maravilloso! Video de introducción para desarrolladores: ▌ ¿Está planeando comprar Amazon Coins? ▐ ¡Utilice este enlace de afiliado para apoyarme y ahorrar hasta un 20% de descuento! ▐
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29 comentarios

  1. Failure gumi
    Full compensation for time and crashes should be no less then 10 k paid lapis

    You should of of fixed this in 24hr

  2. For the players that has Android 11 and are suffering from the crashes during the gameplay:
    Everytime the game crashes, go to the App in the phone configurations and clear the WOTV cache.

    This should make the game stop crashing for a while…

    OBS: This will nott solve the title screen/Menu screen start crash, only the crashes when the game is already running.

  3. Dr Diggs do we count Bravely Default as an FF spin off/universe?

  4. The livestream hype is real!

  5. Thanks for the summary, I didn't get to watch the whole vid yet. Honestly Hiroki after all these years still seem like a cool boss.

  6. Late April? So the Golem Raid is giant middle finger for me.
    Me and my friends are NEVER spending on this game again, and thinking about stop playing.
    Half of their players just can't play the game in their phones… the device that its intended to be played…and they do "funny conversations"? WTF
    This should be top priority, this is disgusting, for real.

  7. I also can't believe they expect us to live with the constant crashing for even longer. I'm usually very chill, but I'd be severely angry if they don't compensate handsomely for this issue. I have hardly been active recently, because the game keeps crashing, but I also don't want to mess around with my phone for just ONE app causing these kind of problems.

  8. I just realized that I wasn't subscribed to you?!?! I am now subscribed! Thank you for the top shelf quality content!

  9. I enjoyed the chill talk too 😅
    Probably you already know it, but in FFBE channel they uploaded the same video but with specific English subtitles, you don't need translator in that video (auto translator helps but sometimes is really terrible).

  10. I would love to be playing wotv for a long time but they really need to fix some things if they want to talk that big

  11. Thx for the update Diggs! Still wish they would fix the problem sooner.


  13. 2 more months to fix crash, nope, time to get angry

  14. Why would I care to watch them talk when they can't even be bothered to fix the game. Fix the game, then talk.

  15. Lol, they need to put their finance side in chat to describe how they are approaching Global as a secondary cash source 😀 It's cute having storytellers and devs in chat, but TBH the Global side of the game is 100% dictated by finance since they are simply looking at it as an additional source of income after JP and the entire Global story, release schedule, and playability is suffering because of it. shrug TBH…. I quit spending…. me… I quit spending… red flags

  16. So . . . A (large?) segment of their players get to skip the entire anniversary event?

  17. Next they have to get the chat filter fixed

  18. Thanks for the info on the video. I had this idea, but what if in FFXVI there is like an easter egg of like a map of Ardra on the wall somewhere. Or that one piece of artwork with Mont, Sterne and Macherie. That would be pretty cool. I like the comparison to the Ivalice Alliance.

  19. If Fina is originally from the past and war of the visions tales place in the past of Brave Exvius.

    Rain could interact with vision version of Mont while Macherie could interact with Fina of the past

  20. finally they doing something about it!!! cant blame with things are they are 2021 /2020 ,, well IU hope they fix it so we can farm like we did at game Launch…

  21. Man, the MCU is amazing but it started a terrible trend. A bunch of awful attempts at building an extended universe 😅

  22. Tsk for remind me to see that vídeo digs.

  23. I mean this is nice but really? Late April? AFTER your anniversary?? Come on dude.. this has been a couple months

    Edit: sent this literally a couple seconds before you said "this isn't the video to get angry at" and that you agree 😭 lol

  24. Occasional crashing on Android devices? The game still crashes literally 10 times a day on my iPad, most frequently while I'm working on my formation or my units, watching Ads, or some other random occasions… I've already tried to re-install the game… sigh…

  25. Lovely weather update on the Pacific North West today. I really hate how this weather application keeps crashing on iOS.

  26. Ty for video Diggs it's alwa…. Third!

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