Re: Zero – ¡Esto es lo que puede esperar! ÉPICO SIETE COLLAB

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  1. Fuck me. I deleted Illusion Connect after playing over a year to play E7 for Rem and Ram. If I had just waited.

  2. Crash Fever did a collab with Re:Zero. There's the main characters as well as a few others like Elsa that are farmable. Some of the main characters also got an alternative wedding unit

  3. Sadly we are probably not getting side charas like Felix and Elsa. It will be the usual maids and Emilia and MAYBE Beatrice.

  4. My guess it will be Emilia/Rem/Subaru or Emilia/Rem/Beatrice

  5. They should give us Elsa instead of Beatrice

  6. Why the heck couldn't we get a ninja scroll collab?! Jubei and kagero would have been a great addition to the game. Nope, instead we get re zero🤢

  7. So if you haven’t watched Re:Zero would this be a good collaboration?

  8. Makes you wonder why this took so long for e7 to do, especially when they collab with gachas every month apparently

  9. We need Felix, but we are not getting him T-T the sadness

  10. If Echidna ain't there, I ain't pulling anyone

  11. I would recommend you check Re: Zero IF you're okay eith psychological stuff AND if you can watch "real person" in anime. It means that the MC can be not only funny but sometimes annoying, sometimes shitty and etc.

    I myself love Subaru bcuz he's real (veey real) human being and sometimes reminds me of myself.

  12. Re zero is like the hoe of IPs they collab with everyone.

  13. I wantt Elsaa

  14. They postponed the announcement because they had another IP in the works and it fell through. They had to find another collab quickly before the community got more heated than it is. Re:zero was the easiest to collab with in a short period of time so we got stuck with the rushed collab.

  15. What to expect? Unimaginable disappointment. That and another collab later in the year cause I think this was a last minute thing because the original fell through. This isnt a new ip, this isn't something that is worth being super secretive about since a bunch of other games did collabs with this anime, etc. Might as well change the slogan to "the playable animation that gets hand-me-down collabs/game mechanics"

  16. What I want is for Rem and Ram to be one hero and to be a Gemini. I've been wanting a character like that for so long, actually expected them to do Biblio and Biblia first though, It's one of the best opportunities for E7 to actually do that.

  17. i think that Rem and Emilia will be banner units and Ram will be free for playing the event

  18. I would like all the waifu from re:zero Subaru seems weird as a unit in E7 he might just be artifact

  19. oh by the way Reverse Othelonia is great. Got Re:Zero girls from it.

  20. no wonder Epic 7 lost its spot with Re:Zero being so popular with all this games having a colab with it keeping a spot is tough i guess ^_^

  21. I fking hope they one up this collab compared to the GG collab. Like the amount characters that will be available or even adding S2 characters. Although I doubt this would happen. At least if this would happen they would wait until the second rezero collab.

  22. id rather have a kono suba collab

  23. Strechin it reeally thin here

  24. Re:Zero is my favourite anime, so I'm really happy about this collaboration. I hope we get Subaru as the free unit, Emilia will be a banner for sure, and then Rem. As a rerun we could get Beatrice;) or Ram * -* Rem S3 transforms her into demon form for 3 turns and Subaru revive or immortality which everytime he kills, he gains one more turn of immortality. This effect can only be activated once every 2 turns;)

  25. What if it's like Baal and Sezan.

    Rem and Ram, Subaru and Beatrice, and Emilia?

  26. Idc as long as they got my boi Reinhard

  27. Though Re:Zero may collab with everything, I'm still very happy with the e7 collab, I was worried they'd try to force a character into the game that wouldn't mesh well, but I feel like Rem and Ram would fit right in.

  28. Now this is an interesting video.

  29. Looking at the list, all of them are jp gacha games(even Netmarble has their own jp branch)… So either it's really hard to do the collab or they only have small team handling the game…

  30. I wonder what will be the MC abilities 🤔
    Maybe he have low stats and he revive like arby but multiple times

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