Práctico Android 11: ¡todas las funciones!

Android 11 beta ya está disponible para teléfonos Pixel. Google cambió la forma en que maneja las notificaciones de las aplicaciones de mensajes de texto, agregó burbujas, mejoró los permisos de ubicación y puso controles domésticos inteligentes en el menú de energía. Dieter Bohn revisa todo lo que llega a Android. Más información: Capítulos: 0:00 Introducción 0:50 “Aquí hay una pregunta” 0:57 Notificaciones 2:02 Burbujas de chat 2:30 Conversaciones prioritarias 2:51 Alertas de notificación 3:14 Historial de notificaciones 3:22 No molestar 3:34 Controles de reproducción multimedia 3:58 Menú de encendido 4:25 Controles de inicio inteligente 5:01 Pantalla de inicio 5:20 Multitarea 5:39 Captura de pantalla 6:11 Permisos de posición 6:48 Grabación de pantalla 6:56 ¡Más funciones! (Modo avión, PIP, Modo oscuro, GBoard) 7:39 Comprender Android 11 8:48 Instalación de la versión Beta 9:02 Conclusión Registrarse: Registrarse en Verge Science: Más información: Normas de la comunidad: Fondos de pantalla de The Verge: Más podcasts: Me gusta The Verge en Facebook: Síganos en Twitter: Síganos en Instagram :.

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41 comentarios

  1. What Android 11 feature are you most looking forward to?

  2. How do you add a card to the lockdown screen?

  3. Thanks for making this video. Everything is nicely put and said!

  4. I like Android becouse of Samsung 🙂

  5. Kinda sad the galaxy s9 won't get this update

  6. Some LG features become native in a few versions..while Android and iOS come closer to each other every few years

  7. It’s sad still scroll screenshot is not implemented on pixel phones

  8. cries with android 9

  9. How to Record Phone Calls on Android 11 ?

  10. No pop-up banner notifications at all 🤞

  11. Once you get the update do you have to enable the advanced notification bar or do they separate into the categories automatically? If you have to do it your self how do you do it?

  12. When the public version release

  13. The bubble thing is not huge considering Facebook on Android lets you also merge a default SMS, this enabling the features. Besides, I'm certain most, if not everyone uses messenger or WhatsApp at least, even on iOS.

  14. Aha,I found that 8bitdo game controllor

  15. I will Get Android 11 on 2021

  16. Can’t even upgrade my mother’s Nokia phone to version 10

  17. Basically just a slight UI update since there is already a TON more features than iphone. This is why competition is good to have.


  19. Call Recording feature!!! Give it back!!!

  20. I can't wait android 17 and 18 came see cell in his final form. .hahahah

  21. This Google Home thing, will Huawei Phones get this? (P40 Series)

  22. September 8. Pixel Squad 😁

  23. Best channel and I like his honest reviews 🙂

  24. 他在说啥

  25. I have a tablet that is over 6 years old yet it's still on Android 5.0

  26. Well Oxygen OS kinda have most of these

  27. Is this compatible for OnePlus 8 model?

  28. Imagine watching this after you watch IOS 14 beta video.

  29. How about good desktop mode?

  30. ooOOOooo new mouse-over index features.

  31. I think that a lot of features are already on Samsung Android 10 such as:
    – Screen Recording
    – 'Chat Bubbles' called smart pop-up view
    And there are some more features

  32. I record pubg games,does this update support record of both internal and mic audio ??

  33. Does makes sense and I hope they keep the native screen recording this time.

  34. Basically, over 75% of the new stuff was already available on Samsung 8 years ago. There really isn't much new. Man, Google needs to fix this. Look at all the confusion Google creates.

  35. Hey buddy can I get that wallpaper link for my pixel 2 xl😁

  36. Samsung had these features way back and now it gets old.

  37. This guy is obnoxiously affectacious. I would understand if even his significant other despises him at times.

  38. 🇧🇪 Nederlands

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