Por qué deberías aprender a desarrollar Android en 2022

¿Deberías desarrollar Android? ¿Por qué es mejor el desarrollo de Android? ¿Es el desarrollo de Android mejor que el desarrollo de iOS? En este video, nuestro mentor de desarrollo de Android explica por qué debe aprender el desarrollo de Android y el lenguaje de programación kotlin. ¡buceemos!

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  1. I'm a passionate lover of tech and programming, I even moved across the country to the PNW (Seattle) to be in an environment where there are thousand of other tech workers. I just wanna know where to start with Android development as I always hear different answers

  2. As an iOS dev iOS pays more than android ,and they are very in demanding because of lack or of iOS devs .

  3. Do you think learning mobile (im going with iOS) to be full time freelancer is good career path? Lot of ppl saying that web is better for freelancing because its more jobs, but also its more web devs right?

  4. Damn! Don't like the sound effect stuff

  5. I think the knowing Java part is a huge hurdle to mention
    Kotlin is awesome but you may find yourself running into jar files and java stuff everywhere and can be a huge hurdle
    I've been wanting to move into Android dev but it seems like a hurdle wish there were more enterprise learn this videos so you can be more prepared for what businesses will ask you to know

  6. This is the best free software Ive seen. Respect.

  7. I am sorry for posting so much, last question. Since I have a decent understanding of JavaScript and functions (hooks) and classes and an ok understanding of the DOM, But I know my fundamentals. Will it take me a very long time to learn Android Development? I am guessing more than 1 year? What is involved with learning Android Development other than Kotlin? I ask because I am thinking about trying out Kotlin and maybe even switch from web to mobile development. THANKS!

  8. Hi, found on coursera for mobile development an interesting course to learn Android development using Kotlin. The course on coursera is called "Meta Android Developer Professional Certificate". I am reading it now and they teach you everything involving Android development with Kotlin including JavaScript and React Native. Curious? If this is an Android Course sponsored by Facebook, then why include JavaScript and React Native? Isn't the focus native for mobile? I don't know? Maybe since Facebook is the sponsor, they included their own tools? I think they help you find a job for this course? Not sure? Is this course worth taking for Android Development?

  9. please do make a tutorial for making an android skin

  10. i would suggest to watch this video at 1.5x or 2x speed

  11. thanks for motivating me for learning app development, i will now download a free course and learn app developer. android developer

  12. PLEASE, I beg you.
    Get your ads off my screen before I steal your hair and sacrifice it to the blood gods
    I've seen them more than 15 times today am i'm goin insane.

  13. The background music is calming❤
    Thanks for the video ❤🔥
    Keep it up🔥🌹

  14. You got me curious to try out Kotlin. I already tried out Swift and I didn’t like UIKIT, I felt the styling was limiting and weird. I come from JavaScript land and I use to CSS and I guess I compare this to everything else. CSS is amazing you can do so many things with it, it is very flexible.
    Anyways, I will try out Kotlin any recommendations? I figured while I work on React I will try making a simple mobile App, thanks for the sales pitch on Android Development.

  15. Those sound effects they are so annoying i said i wont watch your videos because of them but because you share good information im back i said maybe you stop that unnecessary, but you didn't trust me thats why you don't get alot views if you just share information without any weird vibe you will get a lot of traffic

  16. Small request: the echoing at the beginning is somewhat grating.

    I enjoyed the content otherwise. Thank you for the excellent video

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