¿Por qué Android está tan fragmentado?

Si ha visto la reciente Conferencia Mundial de Desarrolladores de Apple, probablemente recuerde este cuadro, que compara la base de instalación de la última versión de iOS, con la última versión del sistema operativo Android. Ambos fueron liberados hace unos seis meses. Y como puede ver, hay una gran disparidad. Y en este video descubriremos por qué, además de discutir por qué iOS nunca ha encontrado este problema. .

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  1. First off, Windows is not open-source by definition. Third-party venders can choose to use Windows like Android, but they can’t modify the source code unlike Android. Still, I get what you mean so I’ll excuse it.

    Secondly, the explanation for the initial question is correct and in-depth but it does feel drawn out.

    Thirdly, regarding the question whether Android fragmentation is a fair criticism from Apple, I think it was back then because the fragmentation lead to phones not getting critical security updates. However, with project main line, Google is able to bring those critical updates to as many phones as possible using the play store infrastructure which makes fragmentation a less serious problem. I’m addition, because most phone manufacturers have more features than stock Android anyway, getting the latest version of Android is not as major because the new features to the latest version of Android are most likely found in other Android phones already with older versions. For example, screen recording is a feature found in OneUI and OxygenOS which are modified versions of Android 10, but the stock version of Android 10 in the Pixel doesn’t have the feature. In other words, major Android releases are only a big deal for those who have a phone that runs stock Android which is a small portion of the market. Overall, Android fragmentation isn’t a big of a problem compared to what Apple and Apple fans makes it out to be. Still, it’s a problem that needs work, specifically because it prevents phones, like Samsung Galaxies, from being supported with software updates in the long term. The Galaxy phones, for example, only get 2 years of major updates at most, compared to 5 to 6 years on iOS. So Android fragmentation is still an issue, but not because it prevents phones from getting new features but rather it prevents phones from lasting as long as it can.

  2. Not trying to hate in here but there is no need for a 10 minute video for a 2 sentence explanation…

  3. Open source means anyone can edit, contribute to, and (sometimes) redistribute source code. Windows OS and Android OS are NOT open source.

  4. the problem of android, most can’t be upgraded. few have 1x upgrade. unlike iphone.

  5. Linux suffers from the same problem, but in a minor scale

  6. Technically speaking, “open source” simply means the source code is publicly available to anyone to modify freely.
    Windows is not open source. It is available on tons of machines, but it is still closed source.

  7. This kid does not even bother to get infomed. Android is open source, anyone can just grab the source, and compile a build for theire device. Google doesn't go and knock at their house telling them: Want android? WINDOWS IS CLOSED SOURCE, IT COSTS 100$ PER LISCENSE. IF YOUR CHANNEL IS NAMED APPLE EXPLAINED, THAN YOU SHOULD STICK TO YOUR RELIGION.

  8. Android is junk Android is for piesins.??

  9. This is why i like apple “user friendly”. Not an apple fan here, but an apple user who sees how great apple’s device are.

  10. probably been pointed out before, but being open-source doesn't mean it's licensed out to different manufacturers.
    For example, Linux is open-source and free to everyone, but licensing isn't a big thing there. In fact, Android is based on the Linux kernal. Open-Source just means all the code is publicly available to view, and has nothing to do with licensing.
    For example, Windows is closed source, just like iOS, but is licensed to many computer manufacturers.

    Apple could license iOS out to other phone companies like Google does and keep it closed source. But they don't. Licensing has nothing to do with being open-source.

  11. I have an iPhone 7 and if that was android it woild have been unusable by 2018

  12. Now it makes more sense why my Galaxy regardless even on flagship phones supports only for up to 2 major upgrades. But still not making me switch back to iPhone for apart from I feel no freedom with their interface and their ecosystem compare to Android. And I don't mind a lesser upgrade on the OS so as long as the device is not in threat and doesn't look some dated hardware.

  13. Software fragmentation bugs can happen at anytime especially cloud based games, no matter how old or new the hardware or software is! That issue has been around since the dawn of computer technology!

  14. iam using android oreo/funtouch os 4.5 by vivo

  15. I just saw the weirdest ad

  16. Yes, you understood Apple. But not Google and Microsoft, mate 😀

  17. apple is just a single device and single ios. but, update to drain battery fast and you need to buy new iphone model. but it cost more and more.

    Android is a multiple device and os, it depends on the manufacturer to improve the android system on devices.

  18. Basically, if you want an iPhone that runs Android, buy a Pixel.

  19. 2:46 there's like 2 iPhones i can see in that image of "androids"

  20. Please make channels on samsung explained,android explained and technology explained

  21. Next video: Why is android versions named after candy?

  22. snob: "but the fragmentation makes it easier to identify losers who can't afford a new android phone."

  23. YOU CAN DO IT, CLYDE! Deep inside, you know it, too!
    The world is a strange place.. full of terrors.. and wonders! WORTH EXPLORING!
    Now get back to those goals!

  24. Bro.. Windows isn't open source. Open source means you can see the beneath code. That's not possible with Win10. Win10 is a product which is patented to MS and they share the patent to other companies (HP, Dell, Lenovo etc). That's it

  25. Open source does not mean the software is licensed to other companies, it means that the source code is available to anyone.
    Most open source projects (GIMP, Blender, OpenOffice, etc) are free for anyone to use, including enterprises without paying a cent.
    The source in open source is not as in "a source for software", but as in "being able to see and edit the source code that makes the program run".

  26. iOS doesn't have this problem because iPhones get more than 1 year of support. Android phones get very short support times and the updates come months after they're developed.

  27. Windows is open source. it means that devices not made by microsoft can access windows. Example. HP laptops have windows. WAS THAT HP lAPTOP MADE BY MICROSOFT. nope. So windows IS open source. Your welcome.

  28. Apple Haters: Grabs IPhone, and talks about why Apple sucks. And he would never buy it.
    Apple lovers: Pull out their Samsung, and talks about why apples is great.
    Me with my BlackBerry..: What y’all yelling about? They’re all just Phones.

  29. This was a legitimately informative video, it’s a shame most people only noticed a minor error

  30. I for real thought that the chart at 0:38 was a joke, showing actual flavors of pie.

  31. That’s why i bought an iPhone. I had an android phone, it got one new version of android (that never worked as smooth as I expected) and i was stuck in time until I bought a new one. In that way iPhones are cheaper because they lasts 2-3 times longer than an android phone. Same with macs, my 2012 macbook pro runs almost as good as a new mac, you can’t say that about 8 year old windows pc’s.

  32. Because Google is crap and they have no design sense.

  33. Ironically, I'm watching this on a Motorola running Android Pie.

  34. Y’all really mad out here cuz this man said Windows is open source

  35. Open source is when everyone interested can view the entire source code of an app or an os. By your definition insert paid software here would be open source, but it isn't.

  36. Because people dont need to install new versions. They re happy with their lives they dont need new emojis leave that for apple fanboys…they need to please people in instagram
    You can use your phone without having the last update most update are fixes they dont bring anything relevant

  37. Another reason why iPhones are better than android.

  38. Apple Will Create CarnelX which is CodeX for Apps like Amazon and eBay who Save Battery and CPU like Shipping and creating a List of your Buys And Hundreds of Things and More in the Code lighter and Autonomous with Smaller Apps in Apps which are No Games or Social Networks which is 20% of the Battery Usage like Org Apps and 40% for Biz Man for More Battery.

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