Nuevo emulador Citra para Android 3DS – ¡INCREÍBLE RENDIMIENTO!

Esta nueva horquilla Weihouya para Android es increíble, ¡muchos juegos son realmente jugables! Para jugar necesitas al menos un teléfono Snapdragon 845, idealmente Snapdragon 855.


Obviamente enorme gracias a los desarrolladores originales:

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23 comentarios

  1. Ok everyone please see this video, it's the newest build which has the best performance

  2. Bro plzzzzzzz tell me how to download pokemon y plzzzzzzzzz?????

  3. Best site to download 3ds games?

  4. Does it work on mediatek helio ?

  5. Where do i get the Roms and how i Install them?

  6. when i try to install the CIA app Crushes… Help me.

  7. I have a xz3 Sony(snd845} and games like Mario kart, New supermario bros, metroid samus return, mgs3, kid icarius and more run twice better than this.
    You should get Panda just to map the buttons on a Bluetooth controller.

  8. Ahhh i hate this life:((( i can't download this new ver i really want to play pokemon but… i think my life didn't want i play it..huhuhuhu

  9. Is Dragon Quest 8 Remake in 3ds playable because I hear that there's new character and other so I wanna try it

  10. What about exynos? I have s7 edge

  11. Can dl citra. Parsing error

  12. For the most accurate experience, use this app with the LG G8X ThinQ and the LG Dual Screen, and find a way to split the app between the screens, so that way the top screen is on one screen and the bottom screen is on the other.

  13. How come when I try to load on Pokemon X it won't do anything and takes me back to select the game again and select and again and select? I'm using a trash Huawei Y6 snapdragon maybe that's why? It varies on the phone?

  14. I hope citra will be well optimized soon, so that mid range phones can play smooth also.

  15. It crashed when i click the pokemon omega ruby my cp is lg g4

  16. Where can I download games?

  17. Isn't it possible landscape(horizontal) screen mode? even you grip the phone vertical, both screens are set in vertical. It's frustrating because that way it wastes the space of both sides and makes play screens very small. I hope developers notice that and update horizontal mode like Drastic.

  18. ok only in dream would I be able buy a nintendo switch or a phone with SD 855 phone

  19. Dude how to download games?

  20. Does anyone know if you can use QR codes? Specifically for ACNL.

  21. I can run citra on my blackberry keyone almost perfectly

  22. where can I download roms for this emulator ?. Thanks

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