Menú desplegable expuesto – Olvídese de Spinner | Tutorial de Android Studio

Los menús permiten a los usuarios seleccionar entre múltiples opciones. Son menos notables y ocupan menos espacio que los controles de selección, como una serie de botones de opción. El menú desplegable Exposed es un nuevo componente de diseño de material y debe usarlo como reemplazo de un Spinner antiguo. ¡Mira el video para descubrirlo todo! 🕒 Marca de tiempo: 0:00 – Introducción 0:27 – TextInputLayout con AutoCompleteTextView 2:30 – Deshabilitar InputType 3:10 – Crear String-Array 3:44 – Crear dropdown_item.xml 5:00 – Crear ArrayAdapter 6:27 – Estilo FilledBox 7 : 44 – agregar la función Reanudar () 8:47 – Icono y etiqueta 🏆 Mis cursos: (OBTENGA 14 DÍAS DE REGISTRO GRATIS) O.

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  1. how to do this in java?

  2. How to setClick the Item?

  3. You forgot to listen for selection which is quite a headache

  4. how to fix "Render Probelm" it appear everytime I add the "style"??

  5. In my case after selecting one item from the dropdown, When I go for selecting it again it only shows one item in the dropdown list any ideas why it is happening?

  6. I have created the exact same dropdown but the issue I am getting is the list is not scrolling, I have 5 items in that list, some item goes under keyboard and cannot scroll.

  7. Disappointed this video didn't mention how to listen to item select event

  8. how to show Error when No Item was Selected ?

  9. What ram and cpu do you have? My computer can't run emulator very well

  10. is there any java translation?

  11. Please how do i create the “exposed drop down style “ it doesn’t show in my style

  12. thanks man, you saved a ton of my time. loved the content.

  13. I have a question a think you should have mentioned. How do you recive the input?

  14. this is what im looking for, thanks sensei

  15. Thankyou sir 😀

  16. Long life to you!! 🙂

  17. Waht about a listener when you selected an item?

  18. thanks u very much

  19. can you show me how to get value selected from this dropdown

  20. how do we add on click listeners to drop down menu items?
    thank you

  21. is there java version of the adapter, i don't understand kotlin

  22. awesome video, can you give me tutorial about exposed dropdown menu with checkbox?

  23. i want to make 2 drop down menu, and first dropdown affect second dropdown, how to create that?
    like : hot drink -> cappucino
    iced drink -> ice cappucino
    if i choose hot drink of course ice cappucino is not present on the list

  24. Great Video ,but challenge is when u set backgroundColor for AutoCompleteTextView doesn't appear which forces you to set for TextInputLayout and which create a space above hint text that doesn't align

  25. How can I get the selected item from the autocompletetextview

  26. how to make this on AppCompatDialog ?

  27. sir my drop down menu is not showing so what i do ?

  28. I have set android:inputType="none" in the xml layout but the user is still able to enter text!? I am not sure how your does not allow it!?

  29. Can you please share the Java code for the same element?

  30. I don't know what version of Android is that that always is using VAL. But this isn't mine

  31. I have a problem, how do you get the position of an item in the autoCompleteTextView? Because I'm trying to make it work the same way as a spinner. So now that data I was trying to obtain is not being obtained. For example you have the values 1 and 2, I send those to the next activity. In a Spinner you can use the method getSelectedItemPosition, but this isn't available for the autoCompleteTextView

  32. In — Val arrayAdapter = ArrayAdapter (requireContext(), ….)
    It's showing me error in requireContext
    What is this ?!

  33. How many years it takes you to reach this level?

  34. Thank you. The videos are very helpful. It would be really nice if your editor were set to High Contrast instead of Dracula.

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