Mejoras en el emulador de PS2, APK de Fallout 2 en Android y otras novedades en emulación

¡Hola a todos! En este video, reviso las últimas y mejores noticias, actualizaciones y consejos sobre emulación. ¡Hablemos de la emulación de PS2 con los emuladores PCSX2, Nintendo Switch Ryujinx y Yuzu, Launchbox y Fallout 2 en Android! 0:00 Mejora del rendimiento de PCSX2 1:24 Actualización de Ryujinx para Mario Kart 1:41 Actualización de Yuzu y Mesa 2:14 Launchbox Big Box obtiene una revisión masiva 2:52 Fallout 2 ejecutándose en Android Fuentes: Fallout 2 Android: Mina VPN recomendada (fácil de uso y bajo costo) SurfShark: (descuento de afiliado de Mr. Sujano – más del 80% de descuento) Canal de soporte (totalmente opcional): Patreon: Cómprame un café: Sígueme en: Twitter: Instagram: Discord: Twitch: Sitio web: Echa un vistazo a mis recomendaciones productos en Amazon: EXENCIÓN DE RESPONSABILIDAD: este video y la descripción contienen enlaces de afiliados, lo que significa que si hace clic en uno de los enlaces de productos, ¡recibiré una pequeña comisión sin costo adicional para usted! Este video es solo para propositos de entretenimiento. #Emulación #Emulador # PCSX2

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  1. Due to my poor cell signal, this video took just over 10 hours to upload 🥲

  2. I would be interested in that launchbox giveaway also

  3. Just found your channel and it's so simple and straight to the point that it doesn't feel real

  4. Are you a Viking? or have a Nordan familyline?

  5. 3:02 4MB only!? BRUH

  6. 1:49 wait so it's playable on ryujinx?

  7. Already have a lifetime membership for the PC launchbox but would love the chance to have the android version!

  8. How do I enter for that launch box license?

  9. I'm not sure for anyone else but Mario 3D all-stars was completely unbootable before on Yuzu and Ryuijinx but since the most recent updates this week it works. My desktop is a ryzen 7 2700X with a rx580. There's still lag, model and texture issues but a lot of progress made.

  10. I have a request. Can you ask launch box people to make a Linux version? This would be awesome!

  11. Is there any other way to run fortnite smoothly on Android i brought new phone which have snapdragon 870 i even get epic graphics settings with 60 fps but it's still when i make turns it's lags alot

  12. When will aether sx2 be on windows?

  13. Hey mr sujano can you please make a tutorial on how to download the fallout 2 apk

  14. I used to play Fallout 2 using exagear which was a pain in the ass, but I after I downloaded the Android version ( of course you need a copy of the original Fallout 2 ), the game is perfectly playable on my Android and looks sharp.

  15. Fallout 2 on Android ? That's wonderful.😮👍

  16. Can I ask you a question I have saw skyline emulator on play store is it really or not?

  17. Camping with wife in the wood, gaming on steam deck. This guy living his dream!

  18. Man Sujano is living the life always camping lol

  19. Another totally awesome camping trip emulation world video!! Well done Mr. S thank you very much appreciated!!
    👍🏼 👍🏼

  20. Hi mr. sujano i wanna comment here the new fake emulator. Many gamers here get scammed. He told his subscribers and claimed himself as a legit developer of aethersx2 black , dolphin black, skyline black, citra black. and many more emulators with black versions. Let me Introduce you this developer's name. He is Juris Ladanga. His name also is his YT channel's name. Please spread the information that he is just making people believe in him.

  21. Love me some bigbox

  22. pcsx2 nightly no guncon support – so sad – lightguns = zero 🙁 ????

  23. Question: is there a way to play old android games that were discontinued with some emulators on the newer versions of androids? For example Terra Monsters or Nova 3

  24. 1:53 Xenoblade chronicles 3 not fully playable? Iv been playing it over the last 4-5 days on Yuzu? its not stable, I probably experience a crash every 2-3 hours and never in the same place twice. but its certainly playable.

  25. You r a gem sir

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