Los mejores lanzadores de Android (2021)

Reseñas de los mejores lanzadores de Android en 2021, desde clásicos como Nova y Microsoft Launcher hasta descargas nuevas (y gratuitas) como Ratio. Estos son mis favoritos disponibles en este momento en Google Play Store, y aunque la mayoría no cuesta nada, algunos cobran una pequeña tarifa para desbloquear todas las funciones premium. Comencemos con el aún incomparable Nova (en plena gloria Prime), que sigue siendo una de las mejores opciones de la historia. Hyperion también ofrece un ambiente de Android 11 casi original, pero con opciones personalizadas realmente impresionantes debajo de la superficie. Ratio es uno de los nuevos chicos del bloque, con un enfoque simplificado similar al de Niagara y KISS. Android es irreconocible sin ninguno de ellos a bordo, ideal para mantenerse concentrado. Poco Launcher 2.0 es un lanzador ligero y rápido que resulta perfecto para teléfonos menos capaces, mientras que Lawnchair tiene mucho que amar. Mientras tanto, los fanáticos de BlackBerry y Microsoft están muy satisfechos con las excelentes ofertas de Google Play de los fabricantes. Por cierto, los fanáticos de Windows Phone definitivamente deberían visitar Square Home, que replica ese escritorio basado en mosaicos. La lista completa de todos los lanzadores de Android incluidos en mi resumen de lo mejor de 2021 está aquí: Nova Poco 2.0 Hyperion Big Launcher Action Launcher (Pixel Edition) Pixel Launcher Custom Ratio Lawnchair BlackBerry Launcher Microsoft Launcher v6 Square Home Niagara KISS Before Launcher Smart Launcher 5 Let ¡Conozco tus favoritos a continuación! .

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  1. Will launchers drain the battery since it's technically 2 launchers running ? I like one UI but the fact that Samsungs forced 5×6 layout on huge phones is ridiculous

  2. Have used almost every launcher but always fall back to nova (pro)

  3. Damn his wallpapers are dope. Where can I find them?

  4. Tonsil hockey…you are just too funny, keep the great work refreshingly enlightening.

  5. No matter how many launchers I use, always get back to the NOVA!

  6. My favourite by far, was TSF Launcher, the most customisable launcher ever…until its creator killed it…

  7. What kind of monster that put an app name in description without leaving timestamps?

  8. Total Launcher is my favorite. It's awesome. It's not beginner friendly though. Takes some time to get used to.

  9. Have you tried out wide launcher?

  10. It seems you're an anime fan or someone at your studio is. Thorfinn's Wallpaper from Vinland Saga, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, etc. Good choice ♥️

    I think AIO launcher should have made it to the list. Its an underrated gem

  11. The "computer launcher" in the play store is pretty cool. Multiple themes and it is actually quite handy. It has roughly the same layout as a windows computer.

  12. Been using nova launcher since 2013 also with KLWP Pro. My go to combo for home launcher.

  13. Wait…did you say Llama Cocks?? Lmao. Dude. What?? Lmao ?????

  14. It’s 2021 mate, you can get vegan meats and cheeses on pizza now from main outlets. Get that veggie bacon, chicken, pepperoni and all sorts else down ya

  15. I don't like launcher plizzz

  16. What can you say about Tecno and Infinix ….

  17. Where is that video of full nova launcher ?

  18. Hey bro you forgot Olauncher ?

  19. Cant help – compared to uncustomizable ios all of them seem pretty messy.

  20. For a Windows Phone styled launcher I prefer Launcher 10 over Squarehome. Squarehome has deviated a ton from the Windows Phone style and is more along the lines of "if google designed Windows Phone", while Launcher 10 stays more true to the actual Windows Phone interface, but with a ton more customization.

  21. buddy you seriously need to try this one launcher its completely free and particularly amazing https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=shubh.ruthless&hl=en

  22. Lynx Launcher for gnome dekstop fan.

  23. Steins;Gate, Vinland Saga, Cowboy Bebop?? You're a true man of culture

  24. Hi , I've been using lawnchair v2 , not the one from Google play. I really liked it . But now it keeps crashing. Is this due to samsung updating there system. Can you give a alternative, that does the same as the lawnchair launcher v2. Many thanks

  25. One ui is still the best

  26. Action Launcher for the win!

  27. There he goes w nova pt2 xd

  28. one of the best features IMO on the Lawnchair v2 is the "Use Cover Mode" for the folders, swipe up on the folder and click on the hamburger menu and select it, and the first app will be shown on the folder and used when you click on it, to access the rest of the apps simply swipe up.
    btw, love you videos, always funny thanks mate

  29. My favorite is Smart Launcher 5 ??

  30. Microsoft launcher is too heavy

  31. the one thing I hate about android is apps will always be running in the background

  32. Best one is go launcher

  33. Thanks alot Chris! I am going to try Ratio, it looks something different!

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