Las 3 mejores cosas de Android 12 | Android @ Google E/S ’21

¿Te perdiste lo último de Android 12 en Google I/O 2021? ¡El ingeniero de software de Android Chet Haase resumirá los tres temas principales en Android 12 del Google I/O de este año! Obtenga más información sobre Android 12 → Obtenga más información sobre Android 12 en Google I / O 2021 → Suscríbase a los desarrolladores de Android → #Destacado #GoogleIO #Android12 Producto: Android – General; evento: Google I/O 2021; nombre completo: Chet Haase; re_ty: Publicar;

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  1. Stretch on overscroll is the worst thing. It makes me so nauseous

  2. 为什么新版本还是不支持exfat和NTFS格式呢?

  3. Please how do I resolve this issue, Your APK or Android App Bundle's package name must be in the following format 'com.example.myapp'. It may contain letters (a-z), numbers and underscores (_). It must start with a lowercase character. It must be 150 characters or fewer.

    I am using xamarin and I have the package name in the correct format as com.companyname.appname in my applicationmanifest.xml file

  4. คงจะขอบคุณครับ

  5. I downloaded the home country contact application, on the sync list ' phone' pops up.

    Is it originally like this?

  6. Too bad my android is still on android 10, can't even update to android 11

  7. Chet Haase is my favorite. He is fast and speaks crystal clear

  8. What the heck, is Chet still on the developer relations team?

  9. Will foreground services start working or will OEMs keep killing them and Google will continue to give a damn about it?

  10. PLEASE keep giving courses in Udacity!

  11. Remarkable question, which Android phone you recommend to buy for development?

  12. Apple implemented a similar location privacy feature months ago…

  13. Hi I need help with android studio and kotlin please I want learn kotlin but I don't know how

  14. Any info on whether or not we'll have an option to go back to old quick settings tiles?

  15. Android 12 is better than ios 15

  16. Looking forward to the personalized system UI

  17. Android 13

  18. Need better messaging app 😑

  19. Amazing 2^2+1 comment and 2^8+1 view

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