La verdad detrás del rooteo de Android en 2019

¿Deberías ejecutar la raíz de tu teléfono inteligente Android en 2019? Que tan fácil es ¿Cuáles son las mejores aplicaciones de root en este momento?

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20 comentarios

  1. The way u theme the content is really awesome
    For e.g
    For arcai netcut
    "A siccors on one side and lan cable on other side "

    Ur thought process is amazing
    Amazing man

  2. For hacking ???

  3. Am I the only noticed the wound in his leg?

  4. I rooted my Swipe Elite Sense but can't uninstall the bloatwares, do you have a solution?

  5. Can I stop unknown devices from getting connected to my WiFi?

  6. PRIVACY! Rooting is the only way to get some level of privacy on the Google eco-system. I think that's a compelling enough reason for anyone.

  7. Yes people like me don't prefer to root. I am not that tech savy to know all these features.

  8. It's 2019, rooting does not make sense in today's era at the cost of several negatives it brings. It's better to spare the high end flagships since some demerits brought/damages caused are really big to ignore.
    Developers still gonna show how to root, how to flash their ROMs, how to use their crappy apps etc. so that they can keep making money which is obvious.
    I don't deny the fact that AFTER warranty is over or more specifically AFTER manufacturers stop providing software support in few years, custom ROMs do help but requirement of such days are getting narrow and narrower.

  9. have i just found an indian that doesnt make bullshit content ???? holy shit

  10. You haven't talked about adblocking etc .. In root to avoid ads system wide, hosts based and more

  11. let brick ur brand new phone ?

  12. Top app series needed

  13. Root apps seriessss , very great ones yaa!

  14. I want the dolby atmos zip please?

  15. Are you running a custom ROM on Pixel or the stock Nougat. And also how's the battery life on the 1st Gen Pixel . Much help if you reply.

  16. The only reason I root my phone is to enable Google camera 2 API

  17. OPPO F3 is impossible to root

  18. You know I have rooted my 2 phones and trust me you can get all the features in good custom rom that you can get in bad custom rom(or less customizable one) without root. One more thing you don't need to root to put a custom rom in your device.

  19. As an English speaker, it's so difficult to listen to somebody with an Indian accent

  20. PUBG hack is not working on unrooted Android phone . That's why

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