iPhone XI ¿Trajiste un FLUSHED?

En Pocketnow Daily hay disponibles nuevas representaciones de gabinetes que muestran los nuevos cambios en el iPhone XI. OPPO acaba de lanzar un teaser para su nuevo teléfono inteligente sin marco. Según un ejecutivo de Samsung, veremos Galaxy Fold y Note 10 en momentos separados. Huawei Mate X podría lanzarse en septiembre y funcionará con Android. Un nuevo informe dice que podríamos ver el Macbook Pro de 16 pulgadas en septiembre. Concluimos el programa de hoy con ofertas para Amazon Echos.

Todo esto y más después del descanso.

– La funda del iPhone 11 Max representa el golpe de la cámara, el interruptor de desactivación de diseño rediseñado y más

– Así es como se verá el diseño perfecto del teléfono inteligente 2019, y no es el iPhone 11

– Samsung: los retrasos de Galaxy Fold no afectarán el lanzamiento de Galaxy Note10

– Otro ejecutivo de Huawei confirma el lanzamiento de Mate X Septiembre

– Según se informa, el MacBook Pro de 16 pulgadas llegará en septiembre

– El paquete Echo Sub de Amazon obtiene un descuento de $ 80 al mejor precio de 2019 a $ 250

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42 comentarios

  1. hi-me rivera ✌?✌?✌?

  2. $1000 for the X/XS and $500 to fix the back, so $1200 for the 11 and $600 for this back I'm guessing?

  3. I don't like the iPhone I like the Samsung Galaxy s10 5G But I don't
    like the iPhone

  4. first people hate apple design then other company copy it

  5. The camera design looks weird but they said the same for the iPhone X.
    If it make beautiful pictures then is fine

  6. eagerly waiting for iPhone XI so I can immediately order the price dropped 6s or SE, finally .

  7. No, Jaime. It's not ok. It is hideous and it I'm betting that it'll have a hump like what's rumoured with the Google iPhone 4 aka pixel 4 tumor camera edition

  8. and I really hope that we get the same design that's on the iPhone Xs and iPhone XS Max in terms of the camera only three cameras down and then the flash all the way around the camera module because then they don't need the atrocious looking new camera module but it did say it was a prototype and that's the leak that is saying it's going to look like that but I think it will actually be the two cameras like we're used to only in the array of a 3 camera luck vertical kind of like the iPhone x I think the standard iPhone 11 will have the two cameras and then the three cameras will be the 11 Max but it will be the same vertical look as the iPhone XS Max just with three cameras and two cameras obviously for the iPhone 11 the big one will be the one that will take better photos with the three cameras in total all three of the phones that will be released this year will take better photos no matter how the camera looks but I just got the iPhone xs.max I'm waiting for like a iPhone se2 kind of device to replace my iPod touch and I like all screen and the knob and the glass on the back so I want something that's kind of like an iPod Touch alternative but that can wirelessly charge so I'll have to wait until 2020 to see if we get the iPhone SE 2 or a phone like that to replace my iPod Touch cuz I'm definitely not getting a new iPhone 11 anytime soon or new iPhone even the year after this year iPhone not because of the camera look I actually have gotten used to it the more you look at something you get used to it it's kind of like the PlayStation 4 I didn't get used to the design I didn't really like it that much but then I got used to it I like PlayStation but the new design was kind of weird to me but then I got used to it kind of like how Apple got rid of the headphone jack we got used to it kind of how they added the notch we got used to it I'm pretty sure we'll get used to it yes it might not look the most sexy or the most good-looking but we'll get used to it and kind of like Samsung they got rid of the headphone jack and added the notch because there's a new foldable that has a notch on it and we're all used to the Notch and no headphone jack and plus the foldable will have no headphone jack so it's kind of obvious it's going to be too thin to fit one on it so it would just make sense so we'll get used to it if Samsung does that which I'm pretty sure they will because they already got rid of the headphone jack in the Samsung Galaxy fold and the Galaxy A8s and now apparently the Note 10 is not going to have itand now apparently the Note 10 is not going to have it so weand now apparently the Note 10 is not going to have it soand now apparently the Note 10 is not going to have it so we will and now apparently the Note 10 is not going to have it apparently so I'm pretty sure we will get used to it at least technology is advancing instead of degressing

  9. Apple is probably trolling us they want us to make it seem like it will look like that but it probably won't unfold Willy's we'll have to wait and see though Apple has told us before and so I Samsung so we'll see if this happens I really hope they are

  10. Jamie, all your top hit is iPhone videos lol

  11. Why is everyone hating on Apple

  12. I dnt like it the design of camera it’s horrible

  13. Jet lag Jaime

  14. Whats the point than if the case is showing a camera bump? Where do you get your facts? You’re just speaking no sense!!

  15. I dont get why we even fight over which phone to buy? Just buy what you want

  16. You look crazy sleepy man

  17. and still has free air.

  18. wow…apple is copy huawei mate back camera design…nice..but did apple get sue and pay for this one? just like apple sue samsung?

  19. Japan ?? please review Sony Xperia 1 ?

  20. There isn’t a camera hum the just don’t cover it due to it being a blur effect for some cases

  21. hi thanks for ur nice videos its very ugly i dont think it will be the real iphone 11 if its really iphone 11 they must change all there engineers or change there personals with oppo 🙂 they make everyday new phones new design . if apple will follow there iphone x and max it will be really very boring and expensive phone.

  22. The design would work if Apple is able to keep the camera flushed like the LG G8. Does anyone know if there's a benefit to having the cameras placed at the top left corner as opposed to the middle?

  23. IT LOOKS THE SAME XYZ years in a row now………

  24. Samsung and other Chinese companies are naking break throughs and apple is here talking about having no bumps. Crap… Note10 is the future.

  25. Old design, slow OS , only change name to X

  26. iPhone XI should be called iPhone XI JINPING. Just to honour the man who brought us the new silk road.

  27. A Bezleless Stove Please

  28. Pocketnow: Rumors on iPhone 11.

    Me: Still waiting for the iPhone 9.

  29. That stove design looks like hot steaming garbage?

  30. They should delay the Note 10 to find a way to put a headphone jack in it

  31. As soon as they saw the pixel 4 leaks they switched up.ha ha.

  32. So when oppo showcase camera under display thats nothing but iphone has no camera bump and its buttons has changed thats the big deal for us maybe we are just dumps who doesn't give appreciation to the innovative companies just because its from china and America doesn't trust em.

  33. Lg g8 no camera hump no one cares

    Iphone =no camera hump everyone gets retarded

  34. Jaime the iPhone 11 design will stop looking weirrd when the Pixel and couple of Androids start adapting it LOL

  35. Tumor got removed on iPhone XI?

    That would be a miracle

  36. No camera hump? Ok I’ll bite.

  37. It looks Iphone-ish

  38. You give me hopes to fulfill my tokyo dream!

  39. It's the ugliest design ever in the tech world.

  40. I don’t like the camera design nor the mute switch change. At least they’re not taking it away though.

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