Intentar colarse en un gimnasio sin membresía

Use la técnica de “camine rápido y evite el contacto visual” a su discreción. Los resultados varían Instagram😎: Tik Tok🤓: Twitter🐥: Twitch👻: Merch🔥:

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Desarrollo de aplicaciones web móviles (Android studio)

Mi primera aplicación.. Aplicación móvil de restaurante.

24 comentarios

  1. Act confident so they don’t know shit 😂

  2. Bro you look just like that guy that dose videos with his gf 😅

  3. The same dude in the best buy bullshit

  4. Come on my people watching you embarrassing me man understand man's feeling man……..😅😅😅😅😂🤭

  5. The nervous laughter 😂

  6. Gym front desk person: "that says October 2021"
    What you're supposed to do: "lol damn that's crazy" and keep walking

  7. The walk in wo money look

  8. This when you hit em with the “let me in b4 I see you in the parking lot 🗿”

    Works every time

  9. CLEARLY makes eye contact, continues to walk

  10. is he the best buy manager backdooring ps5 🤣

  11. Lmao he gets funnier with that shady smile

  12. Lmao the side eye look accurate asf💀

  13. That’s what he gets trynna fit in and go to a “gym” to get Gaines he could have gotten outside for freeee!!!!!!!!!

  14. If you ever catch me at the desk at the gym, just keep walking, don't even stop to scan.

  15. I did that for a whole good month an got caught worst day of my life I was like 15

  16. That’s the same dude in another video supposedly staff selling TVs – WTF?

    These are all fake ass videos 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  17. I’m weak 😂

  18. It’s the Best Buy guy 😂

  19. lol he goes its already been a week lol

  20. There pepole watching ur embarising

  21. That’s dedication

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