Google Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel 7, Pixel 6 Pro, 6,6a: – Instalar Android 13 Paranoid Android Custom Rom

*Instalar Android 13 Custom Rom Paranoid Android en Google Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel 7, Pixel 6 Pro, 6,6a* ¿Quiere saber cómo instalar Android 13 Custom Rom Paranoid Android en su Google Pixel (Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel 7, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 6 y Pixel 6a)? En este video tutorial, le mostraremos cómo instalar Android 13 Paranoid Android Custom Rom en su dispositivo Google Pixel (Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel 7, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 6 y Pixel 6a). Como asociado de Amazon y Flipkart, gano con las compras que califican. Encuentre la tecnología y el equipo que uso todos los días :- *Comprar Google Pixel 7 Series* Comprar Google Pixel 7 Pro :- Comprar Google Pixel 7 :- *Enlaces importantes Android 13 Custom Rom Android paranoico sobre Google Pixel* Descargar Android 13 Custom Rom Paranoid Android: – Descargue las herramientas de la plataforma (adb y fastboot): – Google Pixel Instale los controladores USB en Windows: – Cómo iniciar el cargador de arranque para desbloquear cualquier teléfono inteligente Google Pixel: – *Videos de Android 13* Características NUEVAS de Android 13: – Cómo rootear Android 13:- Inicios de sesión de Android 13 y Obb sin raíz:- Cómo OTA en Android rooteado:- Cómo rootear Android 13 con recuperación personalizada:- *Video de Google Pixel 7* El desbloqueo facial de Google Pixel 7 está DETRÁS de FaceId de Apple:- Caseología de Athlex, el MEJOR estuche para Google Pixel 7 y Pixel 7 Pro: – Funciones de Google Pixel 7 que llegan a Pixel 6: – Google Pixel 7 Cómo encontrar lo mejor Cargador:- Sensor de huellas dactilares de Google Pixel 7 Primeras impresiones:- Pixel 7 Pro y Pixel 7 Tutorial de desbloqueo facial:- Google Pixel 7 Pro y Pixel 7 Las 10 mejores cosas que hacer:- Google Pixel l 7 Pro y Pixel 7 Cómo solucionar problemas de Wi- Fi:- Si te gusta este contenido, asegúrate de suscribirte. Regístrese – Pruebe Amazon Prime GRATIS durante 30 días: – Para ayudarme, marque este enlace de Amazon como favorito. No te costará nada extra y obtengo crédito cada vez que lo usas para comprar algo en Amazon. Puedo usarlo para comprar equipos para mejorar mis videos. ¡Gracias! Sígueme en Twitter: – **Mi equipo de Youtube** #Android13 #Pixel7Pro #CustomRom

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  1. Hello mate, Google advertising this phone as most secured one, my friend's pixel device was stolen recently we tried everything but couldn't locate the device. im really concerned that anyone can disable data,Wi-Fi, location and even can put the device in aeroplane mode in lock screen without knowing the password or pin. Is there any way to block accessing status bar/quick settings in lock screen? I recently bought P7 Pro 256 but really missing My Huawei P50 Pro.Thanks for this video.

  2. does flashing custom rom will provide volte on pixel devices where there is no volte support? i mean countries which dont have volte support, can we have volte?

  3. how to revert back from custom rom on pixel 7 or any pixel?

  4. it actually has no different than the stock pixel rom

  5. I haven't flashed a ROM in a long time do they still have the performance section in the settings. I used to do it just so I can play with the clock speed on the CPU and GPU

  6. Please make a video reviewing this rom on the pixel 6a. Really interested in installing

  7. Why someone wants a rom on this phone?😅 This phone is pricey cause it has good software!

  8. what 's the point of flashing this firmware ?

  9. @Munchy bro.. is Titan chip and gcam works as intended if we flash custom rom…

  10. Whole life we install pixel rom in Xiaomi phones
    Now we need miui rom for pixel🤣🤣

  11. It's pixel 7 channel now all video about one phone with low view change subject man

  12. Excellent review and explanation of a much anticipated ROM. May I ask, did you retain widevine L1 or did DRM step down to L3?

  13. Hello munchy iam on arrow os poco X3 pro and i want to format my custom rom mean cleare data without change or flash any rom please help me

  14. Please do a review of this rom

  15. Hi, can I ask you something unrelated to the Video, I just wanna ask if can you give me a original Vendor_boot.img for Poco f3? Almost 6 month this is already my problem, because I use a costume vendor and Forgotten to backup the Original

  16. Awesome! Once again, a very helpful video. If reverting back to official android rom, is the process similar to flashing custom rom?

  17. can you please also take a look at other pixel exclusive roms like protonaosp , graphene, and calyx?

  18. What's the point of installing custom rom on pixel 7? 🙄🙄

  19. munchy can u suggest me good type c cable??

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