Euro Truck Simulator 2 (PC) vs Truckers of Europe 3 (Android/iOS)

Video que muestra Euro Truck Simulator 2, que es un juego para PC, y Truckers of Europe 3, que es un juego para tel茅fono, disponible para Android e iOS. Ambos juegos son geniales. Otros videos que tal vez quiera ver: 馃殯 14 cosas que probablemente no sepa sobre ETS2: 馃殯 5 empresas dif铆ciles de ingresar a ETS2: Redes sociales: 鉃★笍 Twitter: 鉃★笍 IG: 鉁 Listas de reproducci贸n recomendadas: ETS2/ATS Tutorial: Truck rebuild In ETS2 #ETS2 #eurotrucksimulator2 #truckersofeurope3

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  1. hows a mobile game better than the pc lol

  2. 98 percent TOE it's better than Ets2,first of all the physics of trucks,the air wich ets had that sound from the beginning,and one more thing SCS give a sh.. of modders opinions,ithey can improve very much ets when give a chance to those modders and then have more and more players!!! One big plus for TOE that hands on wheel!!!

  3. Love your content . I've been playing TOE3 on my phone. The mixed of old and new trucks in both games are pretty well balanced. They are both well ahead in their platforms

  4. I have toe3 in my phone but is too realistic

  5. I think ToE wins for some graphics ( in some cases ) but Ets wins in wider varieties of cargos, trucks, roads etc, it also wins on the larger varieties of details and graphics, but realizing that this is between pc and mobile game, ToE put so much effort innit

  6. What I learned is that the ToE cabin bounces a lot more, lol.
    I wanted to say that ToE looks like a low poly game, but then I read the title: Android/iOS. No wonder I never heard of this game… Still, impressive what the devs achieved for mobile.

  7. over all I think ToE3 is really impressive for the mobile though,

  8. you forgot to compare the map

  9. The hands on wheel look so cool. I don't know why SCS can't introduce it by default with the option to disable it in settings

  10. interesting that mobile game has much better physics than PC one !!!???

  11. Is there any mod that can make ets2 truck physics similar to toe because ets2 roads mainly feel like you are driving on glass the road is way too smooth which is not realistic

  12. Ah yes same to war thunder also had mobile game version of it also

  13. l don't understand why all you guys have compare an pc game with just new released ( 5 month only ) android/ios game 馃槄 ets 2 best for pc, toe 3 best for mobile devices

  14. The physics of TOE 3 looks cool

  15. The bad thing about TOE3 is that the route is repetitive I hope they will make it more realistic in terms of route

  16. Nice. ToE is suitable for everyone who didn't have PC or similar but wants to play Truck Simulator in their phone.

  17. I hope that ets3 comming on pc 馃槆馃槉

  18. all sound ets 05 all sound TOE 55 !

  19. The world of TOE3 feels more lived in as opposed to the perfect looking and feeling world in ETS 2, I really don't know why the developers went with that choice I've always had a problem with it.

  20. ETS 2 泻褉褍褔械 泻邪泻 薪械 泻褉褍褌懈 薪邪褕谢懈 褋 褔械屑 褋褉邪胁薪懈胁邪褌褜

  21. to me it's little things like the imperfections in the road seen from the lorry softly bouncing along the road in TOE3 that looks just as you'd see any real life lorry ride a road.

  22. Imagine TOE 3 on PC

  23. I don't really play mobile games, partly because I'm older, partly because they usually are just cash grab cr*p. Got to say though this is a very good improvement. Mobile gaming is a good frontier for the gaming industry. Only a matter of time before more and more quality games arrive. I always knew that but it really is taking quite awhile. Still a fantastic improvement for mobile games. Thank you for showing me Milan馃挅

  24. app gonna get sued soon lmao

  25. The TOE grafics are 100% gonna set my phone on fire

  26. I loved the reflections in the water during the rain on the ToE3

  27. I like how Truckers of Europe 3 has a mix of old trucks and new trucks, which is a nice balance in my opinion.

  28. Did you actually record TOR3? 馃槼

  29. In my opinion Toe 3 wins for mobile and Ets 2 wins for pc 馃槍馃敟thats it..

  30. at home i'd play ETS2, if i'm out somewhere i'd play TOE3



  32. TOE 3 is a good game and its like playing ETS 2 in android but you know ETS 2 is a legit

  33. Truckers of Europe 3 have normal engine sound ,ETS 2 have sound of vacuum cleaners on engine 馃榾

  34. Just stream ets2 on Nvidia GeForce now on your phone.

  35. Euro Truck Simulator 2 is better than Truckers of Europe 3 馃槂

  36. ETS 2 is better

  37. I tried Trucks of Europe 3, and is pretty good… Although, there's a detail of ToE that ruins the game experience: the loading between maps! It ruins the driving experience.
    Beside that, is a nice little Euro Truck Simulator's brother

  38. I couldn't believe that someone can make that good graphics design on phone. Very nice

  39. I'd suggest ETS2 is way better than TOE3. There are many reasons to describe.
    1. TOE3 is just simply trying to copy ETS2
    2. Graphics is not that good in TOE3 but in ETS2 it is way more realistic.
    3. Exterior- I know it looks almost the same but NO. It is not the same as ETS2
    4. TOE3 did a great job, but shouldn't copied much as ETS2.

    Who ever agrees, type "Yes I agree".

  40. I saw a video like this not to long ago, they only showed the good things in ToE3 an the bad in ets2. Not really fair but whatever.
    To my other point, I feel like ToE3 is just ets1 with everything updated a little bit, I.e graphics, trucks etc. then just ported (I think) to mobile

  41. It鈥檚 impressive what ToE managed to accomplish for a mobile platform. There are 2 things I really liked in it:
    1- A driver when in first person view (even though it still has a lot to be improved);
    2- Road texture when raining (ETS2 is horrifically bad).

    Sure ETS2 is better, but there鈥檚 no way to compare what you can accomplish in a computer compared to a mobile device.

  42. Actually for a mobile game truckers of Europe 3 is actually very beautiful and nice

  43. I found the graphics of Truckers of Europe 3 amazing but I am suspicious that they took the models of trucks from ets2 because they are very similar in terms of modeling the interior changes a little due to the lighting, more if you see the outside and the top of the cabin is practically the same as the ets2 modeling馃

  44. Yeah, there is no comparison, ETS2 wins hands down in every way. I wouldn't waste my money on a vastly inferior "simulator" like Truckers of Europe 3. It is garbage, plain and simple.

  45. ETS 2 best 馃挴

  46. Toe3 Cabin physics while truck is in motion,and the air sound is better than the ets2.ets2 cabin physics is flat while toe3 has a wave like physics while running on the road.

  47. Truckers of Europe 3 is super close to ETS2 just needs more realistic graphics and multiplayer system, European cars would be cool if Wanda software added them as extras

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