Esto es Airdrop para Android

Creo que encontré un equivalente de Airdrop decente para Android. No hace mucho, Google lanzó una aplicación para Android que estaba destinada a ayudarlo a organizar archivos en su teléfono, ayudarlo a optimizar el espacio de almacenamiento, etc., pero tiene una función que le permite transferir archivos entre dos. teléfonos Android y es notablemente similar a Airdrop. MIRA AL PATROCINADOR DE ESTE VIDEO Y OBTÉN UN SERVICIO VPN SENCILLO Y ASEQUIBLE A UN PRECIO INMEJORABLE: Me parece que también funciona de manera similar cuando usa Bluetooth para encontrar el otro dispositivo, inicia la conexión entre ellos, pero luego usa el Wifi para transferir archivos entre teléfonos mucho más rápido que una transferencia Bluetooth. No está exento de contratiempos, pero déjame mostrarte cómo usarlo y entonces podemos hablar de ello. SUSCRÍBETE A MI BOLETÍN SEMANAL Y NO MOLESTO PARA OBTENER LOS ÚLTIMOS CONSEJOS, TRUCOS Y TECNOLOGÍA. CONSULTE WEWORK PARA OBTENER DESCUENTOS DE HASTA EL 20% EN UNA UBICACIÓN DE COWORKING USANDO MI ENLACE AQUÍ: REPARE SU IPHONE USTED MISMO CON LOS COMPONENTES DE MI TIENDA Y AHORRE DINERO: Mi sitio – DESBLOQUEE SU TELÉFONO: ¡Libera tu teléfono! Puede comprar códigos de desbloqueo para permitirle usar cualquier operador con su teléfono, ¡vaya aquí! – Chat: Inscripción – Facebook – Twitter – Google+ – Instagram -.

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  1. Near Share is on its way from Google

  2. This is nice for android to android, but how about Android to PC or even Mac? I been using Wifi direct and I have to open a webpage to download….fast but not quite user friendly/convienient.

    Airdrop should just work like on Mac/iPhone 🙁

  3. Do u know shareit :Or somthing

  4. Google engineers have no brain. They can not even able copy the feature correctly. We love airdrop because its one click share. Just tap and files get share. no need to open app then click receive than connection establish and then file will be transfer. Thats whats shareit app and other app do. So whats new. Idiot google. Just copy the feature. All phone have wifi direct just implement that feature in os directly. But i guess they do not have that much brain.

  5. Those who say shareit and xender, it's an ad junkyard which needs unnecessary permissions and this "files" app is free of ads, uses less memory, less messy and eventually fast.

  6. STFU about SHAREit

  7. Android beam and Airdrop came out around the same time

  8. Tap share and tap wifi direct. Air drop for android has been around for years

  9. The problem rises is that if the other person doesn't have the app or need to install it. The convenience of Beam is that it is built into the system already android device should have it and it is just a matter of turning it on. I have found it useful enough when sharing pictures right there.

  10. I genuinely don't understand the obsession with imessage. It only seems to be Americans who love it so much and I don't understand why tbh.

  11. Not on PC… so kinda useless. There are tons of different apps that do similar things like ShareIT.
    I just don't want to hassle with cables, and on PC that seems to be the only straight forward solution to copy files.
    Which is annoying.

  12. Snapdrop is better

  13. Nah. The receiver will also have to download the app. That sucks.

  14. You can just use Samsung share between Samsung phones and Samsung link share for other Android phones and iPhones.

  15. iphone will never be better then android

  16. Dude that is way to much.. 1-Just turn on WIFI….. 2-Make sure you turn on Wifi Direct on both devices and pair them… 3- once they pair…….4- You choose from your photo gallery or video gallery the file you want to share…….. use the share bottom and click VIA WIFI DIRECT… no downloading nothing. it is easy as airdrop.

  17. You cheat everyone! This cannot compare with the airdrop!

  18. Airdrop dont need wifi

  19. Airdrop dont need wifi

  20. Thanks for sharing this. I guess the only challenge is that both people have to have the Files app. I just wish this ability was native in the OS for all Android devices.

  21. I’m dead 😂😂😂😂🤣

  22. It's like Huawei Share

  23. Nice! There's a good handy app "Push bullet" too! Works for me!

  24. But..this will never be easy to use like Airdrop

  25. Es explorer all day

  26. another problem is that it's not built-in; so if you ever want to share it you'll have to wait for them to download it if they feel inclined. and you'd end up finding another way. at the same time I like having choices of what options I want my phone having

  27. from android to mac, is possibile with airdrop?

  28. Shareit: am i joke to you

  29. • Airdrop
    • iMessage
    • FaceTime
    • App Store
    • iOS Updates
    • Apple Watch
    • Ecosystem

    There are other but these are the main reasons I’m still with iPhone. Can never leave even if I wanted to. Everything just works.

  30. 😂😂 been using android for years and tried an iPhone 8 plus and an iPhone x for a week then got rid of them, android is way better and will always be it's just not as fluent but then you have the option to get a oneplus 7 pro

  31. This is not like airdrop! With airdrop you can share anything with a share option, not just files. And I don’t need to go to an app when I want to transfer files or anything. Just tap share and I see devices right on the share sheet along with other apps! And the real advantage is that I can airdrop to a Mac.

  32. Already exist in Samsung share by wifi direct

  33. People:i have been waiting for this for a long time.

    Share it:am i a joke to you?

  34. ضض٧ف٤

  35. Xender is better and been around for years! Stay updated man!

  36. This is nothing like airdrop. Airdrop is not just for filesharing, and it’s definitely not just inside one specific app.

  37. There's already a decent app out there similar to this called SendAnywhere.

  38. You look just like Rick Lax

  39. You can use bluetooth, wifi direct and wifi, and nfc at the same time.

  40. App ka key nam ha bro

  41. The difference between imessage and regular android message they both send messages 😂

  42. Is there a PC app for that?

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