¡Este teléfono es para hackers!

Este video fue patrocinado por Windscribe, una fantástica VPN que te permite crear tus planes:

Hemos visto muchos teléfonos diferentes últimamente, pero hoy tenemos un teléfono diferente. En este video, te mostramos un teléfono para hackers.

Echa un vistazo al teléfono aquí:

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  4. Hm reminds me of Nokia phones

  5. this phone is for hackers
    Watch Dogs Intesifies

  6. This tech channel is really underrated on YouTube. I strongly think this channel must get more subscribers.
    Plz subscribe and like this video

  7. Yes we need videos like this

  8. He has a lazy eye?

  9. i could use a video on how to convert them as u said

  10. So how is this hacking?

  11. this video is superb

  12. Sir they dont ship at India is there an anyway to get this phone?

  13. Modifiedable hardware feature , Have total control of the hardware does not mean they are for hackers dumbass.

  14. DLC for new watchdogs??

  15. Call me racist but I'm sick of seeing Indians in the tech world. Mostly because of their accent. Like stop doing how to video with your annoying voice

  16. This is not for hackers this is for children

  17. Too much aggressive marketing of vivo.

  18. we want, more Like This…

  19. Whats the price

  20. Hacker:Let's start some hacking/coding with my new phone
    Phone:Be ready to be aged while completing coding

  21. Give it to dynamo

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  24. I will give you 200000dollar for this phone

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