¿El mejor Android para ti? – OnePlus 9 Pro frente a Samsung Galaxy S21 +

¿El mejor Android para ti? – OnePlus 9 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S21 + Hey #TechBarArmy Este es Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus vs OnePlus 9 Pro en detalle. Especificaciones de Oneplus 9 Pro QHD + 6.7 pulgadas 120Hz Fluido AMOLED LTPO Display Camera-Cámara principal de 48MP, 50MP Ultra Wide, 8MP Tephoto, 2MP Monochrome Front-16MP Snapdragon 888 5G 4500mAh Warp Charge 65T 50W Carga inalámbrica Resistente al agua (IP68) Samsung S21 + 6.7 FHD + 120Hz Pantalla AMOLED dinámica Exynos 2100 5G 12MP Cámara trasera, sensor ultra gran angular de 12MP, telefoto de 64MP 10MP 4800mAh Batería de cámara frontal Carga rápida de 25W Carga inalámbrica Qi de 15W W Resistente al agua (IP68) Precio de Oneplus 9 Pro en India a partir de Rs. El precio de 64,999 Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus en India comienza en Rs. 81.999 Contenido de este video 00:00 – Introducción 00:41 – Pantalla 02:27 – Performance 05:43 – Ecosistema 06:25 – Diseño y construcción 09:07 – Batería y carga 10:11 – Cámara y video 14:26 – Conclusión #TechBar #Samsung #OnePlus # OnePlus9Pro # GalaxyS21 + == ? Música gratis para creadores ?: == Siga TechBar Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:.

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  1. Portrait video is also available in oneplus and it is has much better edge detection.For me matte black of oneplus 9 pro beautiful than samsung

  2. I use samsung phone till 6 year…but samsung phone for gaming and heavy work men samsung tikti hin nahi

  3. Sab se ghatia phone samsung for gaming..

    Always face black screen

  4. Bro Samsung have 4 levels of brightness in always on display

  5. Bhai OnePlus 65 ka nhi 70 ka hai

  6. S21+ is ????

  7. If you want the Samsung Ecosystem, Resell Value, Knox Security, Samsung Pay, Samsung Dex and budget is not the issue then go for S21+ or If the budget is your main issue you cannot extend your budget to 65,000 to 82,000 then go for ONEPLUS 9 PRO.

  8. Bro …I did not understan how to you say looking wise samsung is awesome….one plus look is awesome always

  9. One plus is awesome

  10. But S21 doesn't support a 45W charger.

  11. s 21 plus does not support 45watt charging

  12. Samsung always king

  13. Samsung is always impressive with perfect.

  14. S21+is best with good features?????????

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  16. s21+ mai 25w thuk support kartha hai 45w support note 20 ultra sai hata diya Gia tha cause 25w or 45w speed mai kohi kaas Faraq nahi hai yai 65w srip marketing hai bhai Still s21+ linai ki thuk nahi bantha hai s21 ultra zarah sa mangha hai likin fark zada hai spen or camera yaar kafhi ala hai


  18. Samsung is the best company and S21 ,S21+,S21Ultra best Smartphone in the world

  19. I will buy both mobile phone as I will play games on oneplus and multimedia on samsung

  20. Bhai baground music bohat boring tha sirf clean video banao

  21. Did this samsung s21+ supports 45W charging??? I dont think so… during launch they said only 25Watt charg8ng

  22. Very good explained bro

  23. 1+ 9 pro❤️

  24. Samsunggggg Samsung


  26. Lauda Samsung k resale value acha h ?? S21 flipkart big billion days p 50 60k m bikega jst like S20 series ?? Apple has a great resale value after 2 3 years of use

  27. Wow bro u have given me amazingly described information

  28. Mujhe Yeh nhi pata par night me oneplus s21 and s21 plus se better hei camera

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