El dispositivo móvil más seguro: iOS vs Android

¿Debería elegir Apple o Google cuando se trata de privacidad y seguridad en su dispositivo móvil? Hay una parte de este argumento que la mayoría de la gente tiende a ignorar. La respuesta no es lo que piensas (¡y no, no estoy diciendo que una alternativa basada en Linux sea la solución!). ▶ Visite el canal de Pete Matheson: @Pete Matheson ▶ Episodio del podcast SharedSecurity: si le preocupa su seguridad personal y su privacidad en línea, descargue mi lista de verificación de seguridad gratuita aquí: ✅ Lista de verificación de seguridad: 🔹🔹 🔹Lo que debe ver a continuación🔹🔹🔹 Nosotros ‘ tenemos una gran cantidad de excelente contenido relacionado con la privacidad y la seguridad aquí en el canal de YouTube All Things Secured (aunque admitimos que somos un poco parciales). Si quieres aumentar tu ciberseguridad online, estas son las novedades: ✅ ¿Apple escaneará tu iPhone? (por eso es importante) ✅ Explicación (y demostración) NUEVAS FUNCIONES DE PRIVACIDAD DE iOS 15 ✅ 8 CAMBIOS CRÍTICOS a la seguridad del iPhone que debes hacer AHORA 🔹🔹🔹 Ayuda de soporte de All Things Secured (Servicios recomendados) 🔹🔹🔹 Si te gusta este tipo de practique el contenido de seguridad y privacidad, una de las mejores maneras de apoyar este canal es usar estos enlaces de afiliados a nuestros productos y servicios favoritos. Cuando compra a través de estos enlaces, no solo obtiene la mejor oferta disponible, sino que las empresas también nos pagarán una pequeña comisión. ¡Gracias por tu apoyo! ✅ Administrador de contraseñas recomendado: ✅ Monitoreo de identidad recomendado: ✅ Clave de seguridad 2FA recomendada: ✅ Correo electrónico seguro recomendado: ✅ VPN recomendada: ********************* Video de marca de tiempo ** ******************** 0:00 – Introducción 0:29 – iOS vs Android 1:44 – El sistema operativo 4:03 – Seguimiento de usuarios 6:26 – Mensajería 7:38 – El hardware 9:20 – La clave para llevar: no importa 9:51 – Sistemas operativos alternativos ******************** El El debate entre los dispositivos iPhone y Android es honestamente difícil de resolver y generalmente se reduce a preferencias subjetivas. Entonces, ya sea que sea un usuario de iPhone o Android, la fortaleza de su privacidad y seguridad depende en última instancia de la cantidad de datos almacenados en estos dispositivos. En este video, Josh y Pete Matheson le mostraron las diferencias entre iOS y Android cuando se trata de privacidad y seguridad. Licencia de música: Ian Kelosky – Flotando en Em RD8MFWSDTTJGMOMG #iOS #android #cybesecurity

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  1. Which mobile OS do you use? And are you looking to change for some reason? Leave a comment below with your answer…I'm curious to know!

  2. Everyone know Apple is phones r the most secure but androids you can do a lot more cause of less security and easily hackable

  3. if you using samsung secure folder or just using 256K AES encryption in a seperate IOS app, then unless you physically unlock those files then no once can get access to them. i think this video whilst informative is very high level. there are many things you can do apart from app permissions to secure your data. In general if you know what your doing both android and Ios can be very secure devices.

  4. A degoogled android is pretty good but out of the box i think ios is better for privacy google is tracking everything that's coming from an android user

  5. Thank you for your program at least it's good to learn something I loved iPhone for a long time but now they're starting to take all kinds of shortcuts and I might be going to Galaxy but it has to be the Samsung Galaxy s at least probably the s21 or s22 you're so funny I love that I miss my old Nokia brick phone 🤣

  6. Talk more about samsung

  7. I like security in general from amateurs and independent hackers but if we are talking about the government and other big corporations and entities then this while video is BS because we all lost our privacy years ago. Without the foundation of UNALIENABLE RIGHTS, all this privacy stuff is USELESS, it's only a matter of time before they take your phone, house, children and life arbitrary without anyway to defend yourself.

  8. I'd say Samsung is the expection with the Knox program

  9. I use an Android (12) phone. Sony 10 Mk 3.
    I use Firefox Browser and Duck Duck Go search engine. That slows my phone down a bit, but it cuts off lots of trackers. I still have the (Windows) PC mindset. (I can put any collection of parts in it that I wish.)

  10. That walled garden had always had a back gate for 3 lettered agencies to waltz into when they please

  11. Android uses RCS Chat for end to end encryption. It's default on pretty much all Android devices. You should have included that in there instead of put "???."

  12. Well never going to China then screw that. Not that I've ever had a reason to go there.

  13. Wow fantastic news telecast……

  14. I have found the perfect solution. Turn off these devices until you really need to use them. No, Airplane mode just doesn't cut it. Switch it off. There, saved you a few quid you would've spent on a new, de-googled phone.👍

  15. Don’t choose Google pixel 6 phones simple as that.

  16. I've used Graphene OS (degoogled Android) for over a year now. It's right up to date with Android 13. Everything works fine.

  17. I feel like this guy is hiding something…🤔

  18. Very nice and practical video session on privacy i ever watched

  19. What about CalyxOS. It's secure and safe and private.

  20. Nothing beats iPhones for security,

  21. This is why I use a pager and bag phone. Lot less hassle

  22. Thanks for the perspective I never thought in this way

  23. It depends on personal threat model, however if you're willing to put in the effort, Android has more privacy and security if you switch the ROM. And then use free and open source applications. So I guess convenience isn't exactly the word for it, it's more like diminishing returns for what you want.
    I recommend developing a personal threat model and look up a channel called Tech lore. They will help out. Also you can play console games on Android thanks to easy access to emulators, so that's a thing.

  24. I prefer Android because I like the ringtones

  25. Most big businesses use ios apple because of more security than Android.

  26. 5:07 ive always been an android user and every phone i remember having has asked for permissions before using the camera etc, idk what hes talking about

  27. answer for 99.9% of the population: it doesn't matter.. use common sense. if you put sensitive data on a phone or any device, secure it according to its sensitivity, whether it be password protection, encryption, etc. and if it's that sensitive that you even worry about it after that, then don't put it on any device or at least not one connected to any network whatsoever. what is YOUR threat model? if you're spending your time worrying and your situation is such that nobody really cares about you or your personal info (aside from marketers and fraudsters), then you're spending precious moments of your time trying to safeguard things for no good reason and wasting your life away doing it, while also enduring the inconveniences that come from doing it.

  28. In the past 10 years i have had both iPhones and Android. 5 Years ago I made the call to go only with iPhone. A lot of the GPS info is stored on the device itself and not in the cloud. What is uploaded is "fuzzed" to hide personal info. I didn't like that Android itself tracks you let alone the apps. I've heard of malware in the Play store, but I think the final nail in the coffin for me and Android is that I have always had issues with Android phones after about1 year of owning them. From being very slow, to not receving text messages or MMS. I have an iPhone 7 that is still very usable and my everyday iPhone (11 pro) is now almost 3 years old and is still as snappy as the day i bought it. The apps for my iPhone all work and look properly on the screen. I have downloaded Android apps that flat out didn't work on my device.

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