El desafío telefónico de $ 120

¿Realmente necesitas gastar más de $ 500 en un teléfono inteligente? Probablemente no.
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  1. Just curious but doesn't Austin look like Dibb Membrane from Invader Zim?

  2. just got one of these bc my last one was a moto too (nexus 6) and damn was that thing durable. Screen cracked to hell when I loaned it to my grandmother and she somehow ran over it in her car, but it still worked perfectly. Gma also lost the case for it and I was too lazy/forgetful to replace; it's been dropped countless times sans case until finally yesterday the screen went fubar and stopped responding to touch- it still works paired with my car etc, but ofc I had to get something new at that point. Hope this moto is as durable as yours is in vid and my last one was RIP

  3. I have the Moto g6 play

  4. It scratches at a Level 6 with deeper gruvs at levl sevn whil te peexel scrates at a levil tree

  5. I personally own a Nokia 3 and I bought it for just $90,-
    I use it on daily use, and I still use it!!!!!!!

  6. The way u said intro

  7. Ken reminds me of ned from Spiderman

  8. Austin : $3000?!?
    Mr Beast : hold my beer

  9. Thats the phone i use

  10. Why…is he wearing a shirt that says….DONGLETOWN?

  11. I'm using Moto x4 from the time of its launched since 1.5 to 1.8 years have no issues using it

  12. Bruh the amoled display broke faster than an IPS

  13. Bro ur playing PUBG in front of Fortnite

  14. could just use a timmer

  15. 3:59

    God no, the cringe, its killing me

  16. This guy playing pub g at a fortnite convintion ???

  17. Austin Evans: $120 Phone Challenge

    Me: Watching This On My $500 phone —- Google Pixel 2 XL

  18. Ip68? My 800$ Xr is op67 ?

  19. Me: Watching on my $1 Phone

  20. Austin: hey guys I’m filming on a $120 Phone

  21. How does this $120 Motorola X4 with a glass metal back run PUBG better than the 2018 Galaxy J3 Star with a crappy material back

  22. I hate you sometimes, this video was NOT necessary.

  23. 3:28 I'm dying by laugh lmao

  24. Jimmy Hopkins being smart ?

  25. Whats the background music ?

  26. 6:26 why are you watching jerryrigeverything?

  27. I'm guessing it scratches at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7

  28. He’s at the gta 5 pier lol

  29. Watching on my Moto X4. Great video!

  30. Ken: (noun) the reason Jeff Bezos is earning $100 million every 12 hours!

  31. If that was for example a Nokia Lumia phone… well RIP Floor =)

  32. I have the Moto X4 from Amazon (Retail version, not Prime Exclusive) and I absolutely love it. Huge upgrade from my Samsung Galaxy S4 lmao.

  33. Your haircut scares me

  34. motos are invincible

  35. I own Moto e4 The Moto Phones Are Pretty Good.

  36. Why doesn't Austin use the volume rocker as the camera button?

  37. well we now know that noto phones are the best and thats why i have one

  38. I am watching this video on moto G3 (2015)

  39. you thought pubg wouldnt work on it
    i hit 2 chicken dinners on a samsung galaxy s3 neo bro!!

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