¿Dónde está Huawei ahora?

Guest TK Bay ha regresado de un largo viaje más allá del Gran Cortafuegos para aprender más sobre una empresa que se encuentra en medio de una crisis global. O al menos eso es lo que parece hasta que la propia Huawei dice lo contrario. Efectivamente, TK tiene mucho que compartir de su tiempo en China con la enorme compañía, que compartió más sobre su cultura corporativa, reveló Harmony OS y les dio a todos otra mirada al muy esperado pero actualmente nebuloso Mate X. ¿Negocios como siempre para Huawei? Joshua Vergara y TK Bay se sientan para sacarlo. Suscríbase: Síganos: Gráficos proporcionados por: Motionvfx.com Acerca de nosotros: Pocketnow ha sido una fuente clave de noticias y reseñas sobre tecnología móvil desde su fundación en 2000. Con oficinas en tres continentes, Pocketnow ofrece cobertura móvil las 24 horas panorama tecnológico, desde teléfonos inteligentes hasta tabletas y dispositivos portátiles. Nuestro objetivo es ser su fuente número uno de noticias, reseñas, comparaciones y comentarios sobre tecnología móvil. Si amas los dispositivos móviles tanto como a nosotros, ¡asegúrate de registrarte!

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42 comentarios

  1. Chinese government funding huawei that's how it works

  2. many of you rooting for China an huawei I'm not even American but I know china has very evil plans for the world Chinese government don't even care about Chinese people how much do you think they would care about anyone else

  3. My gift to Chinese cell phone haters.
    There phones are better so live with it.
    Google/Android & iPhone MADE IN CHINA

  4. In the US watchin on my mate 20?

  5. After using the mate 20 pro
    I feel sorry for iPhone users


  7. That Dragon Ball Tshirt is Awesome?

  8. why did i think that was david vondaharr in the thumbnail

  9. Hey Josh, I just learned that China has a much better relationship with the Rock then the US lol. ?

  10. Watching from a aura white Samsung Galaxy Note 10+……But I seriously enjoy watching details of Huawei and TK's experiences.

  11. i am really really excited to see what huawei brings to the market this year

  12. Watching this from my P20. Smoothest Android phone I've ever had.

  13. The guy on the left is such a fuken nerd. Can't stand his voice I hate when this foo talks

  14. love the dragonball t shirt ????

  15. Chinese cities remind me of termite mounds full of black haired termites running around imitating each other.

  16. If your going have guest on its ridiculous and distracting to try listen to what guest is saying when your talking to your GF off screen at same time…

  17. If I buy a p30 now, is there any chance that it will change operating systems in the next 2 years? Or if it remains android, is there a chance it will not get the same updates other android phones will get?

  18. Bought a mate 20 pro destroys all camera I’ve used on smartphones

  19. Watching from a Huawei device, excited about the Mate X and willing to buy the Mate 30 Pro.

  20. Google has been quiet about the ban since. I hope it gets resolved as I love Huawei & Honor

  21. What name watch does TK have on ?????

  22. 5G is fast but deadly in the same time if bad people get a hold of it to be use as a killing tool.

  23. Basically, the American greedy capitalists doesn't want a Chinese Phone maker overtake Apple as the new goat of Phone makers.

  24. When did Huawei buy pocket now? Every single day, and the only tech site that does. If you're bought and paid for, just say so. If your communist and dislike America, just say so.

    Extremely obvious that this is a dedicated daily thing with pocketnow.
    Host your channel from China.

  25. Is pocket now being paid by Huawei? Covering Huawei is of course expected, but it seems as though half of pocket now's content is about Huawei. I live in a country where Huawei phones are mainstream, and they're good phones, nothing special, but decent, but there are serious REAL geopolitical concerns. It was Australia that initially flagged concerns, not the US, and here in NZ our govt has basically prohibited Huawei from building our networks, based on real intelligence information.

  26. I have a Mate 20X here in the US. Super nice phone. Wish it was sold here.

  27. Seriously hope that Trump would impose more sanctions on this state-backed company

  28. If you plan on deleting the video just unlist it instead

  29. Really would like to get a Mate X if the screen doesn't dent with keys in your pocket and it would work with Verizon, but likely neither is the case.

  30. can we get done with the Huawei coverage already ??

  31. Watching from fort lauderdale on my mate 20x! Can't wait for the mate 30x!

  32. What happened to the live podcast???

  33. Seeing your phone being produced infront of your eyes sounds amazing!!! Now that would be special!!

  34. Busy making few more trump cards to play cards trump insisted playing.

  35. Jaime his 1 of gud guys

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