¿¡Desarrolla juegos en tu teléfono!?: Godot Game Engine para Android

¿¡Desarrolla juegos en tu teléfono!?: Godot Game Engine para Android Godot 3.5 beta 3 salió con una característica nueva muy interesante: un puerto de edición para Android, así que sí, puedes ejecutarlo en tu teléfono (no te recomendaría haz eso, sin embargo). Artículo de instantánea del desarrollador: Enlace a APK y otras compilaciones:

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  1. Finaly my dream is real now.

  2. Pls make video about admob asset in godot

  3. This makes buying an Android tablet even more worth it. I wish every software start supporting Android so that I can actually take my tablet with me while travelling and be completely fine. Hope this inspire other projects too.

  4. Bro works flawlessly, even 3d and shaders.

  5. Will I be able to create a complete game and run smoothly on a Moto G10?!

  6. exciting. if there were some ux improvements, this would be a cool way to pull your projects from version control and pass some time working on them during a trip.

  7. Works on my device very well. I can develop games in it with OpenGL 3.0

  8. App is not installing

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