Creación de una aplicación de chat en Android Studio con Kotlin | Frikis para frikis

En este video, discutiremos cómo crear una aplicación de chat en Android Studio usando Kotlin. La aplicación constará de una página de registro/inicio de sesión y te permitirá chatear con otros usuarios sin ningún problema. Entonces, comencemos ahora. Consulte los artículos relacionados: Tutorial completo de Kotlin [
Complete Android Tutorial [

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This video is contributed by Abhay Maurya.
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45 comentarios

  1. If there was rating for this video it would be 5/5

  2. my all code work is done but it is not working on mobile please help me

  3. Hi everyone. I have to ask, can we make an app with React js and kotlin ? Somehow to alternate them ? the logic part in kotlin and fe with recat ?

  4. can anyone tell, at 42:12 when i click on signup button –it should be redirected me to the sign up page but it crashes there only

  5. I am following the same code as you are doing but my values are not getting stored in realtime firebase. My Authentication is working fine but values are not getting stored. Can you please help on this. I am stuck because of this.

  6. Thanks for this effort

  7. I'm having problems in connecting to firebase

  8. 1:01:30 I'm getting error after typing UserAdapter —> Saying "Unresolved Reference" someone Please Help..😢🙏

  9. the app is great …but still something is missing……..for example..i wanna talk to my friend on this app now……how i will search his id….i mean…….how we can find eachother's id……….the way u have created this app , my friend have to tell me his signed up gmail on this app…..then i will login from his gmail……then i will logout and again i will login from my own gmail……this is how i will get his username on my screen………..just i want to say that make it more secure……..make a search by name system in it…………..
    i hope u got me….

  10. Bro where is the solution code..???

  11. Thancx a lot sir, lot of things learned

  12. 24:43 i haven't found a build gradle and dependencies can u help me ?

  13. I have done everything and it runs. Thanks GeeksforGeeks! I have doubts about retrieving Firebase user information. I created a new button that appears on menu.xml that leads to a profile activity and am trying to retrieve current user information and display it.

  14. Thank You, nice tutorial

  15. You are the best

  16. Thanks a lot for this detailed explanation. That is just the best tutorial in creating the chat in Android- step by step, everything is clear. I had some difficulties with the RecyclerView, because my Android Studio didn't except some part of the code in xml file, so I had just deleted a little bit and it started to work. Thanks a lot for this great video !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I have finished the video and coding.. Fixed all the errors until the end. But first app was crushing so I simply added push() to the code. Now no crash but the messages wont pop up. If someone knows the solution please.

  18. Thank u very very much sir

  19. source code pls?

  20. Bro I when I'm clicking the button the next sign up activity isn't coming. Plz help me

  21. 24:35 I have some issues with gradle top level build file, when I opened mine file, it looks different than yours. I don't have buildscript, dependancies and all project, what should I do?

  22. It's working for me 💥

  23. 1:10:42 When I try to sign up ,it crashes. In authentication, I can see my users but in database, I cannot. Is there anything I can do to make it right.

  24. the best tutorial ever

  25. I am trying to this tutorial on 5/3/2022 and i have troubles with
    build.gradle(chatApplication)….any help?

  26. I don't know why my project is showing so much errors to me…. There's also an error in the Parent Theme.. and so many keywords are red showing the errors..
    If anyone could help me .. please mssge.. if there's anything with the project settings or such thing..

  27. Excellent

    Can you share the code


  28. I followed the exact same process, but could not see the data in Realtime Database
    . 1:10:53

  29. 2:03:50 ,, senderuid = FirebaseAuth.getInstance().currentuser?.uid … is crashing the app… i got solution though .. it is senderuid = FirebaseAuth.getInstance.uid … just remove .currentuser?

  30. First of all thank you for this amazing chatapplication got to learn new concepts. I followed the steps as shown but I don't know why as soon as I login the window takes some time and the app crashes. Although I have installed all the dependencies.
    Can you please help me out

  31. Please share the code to git

  32. error will be generated like —> ERROR:D:Android Projectsappbuildintermediatespackaged_manifestsdebugAndroidManifest.xml:30: AAPT: error: attribute 'android:name' in <activity> tag must be a valid Java class name.

  33. man she is give me error for mauth = firebaseAuth.getInstance give me error but i dont no how to solve the problem

  34. আলহামদুলিল্লাহ খুব দেরিতে অল্প অল্প করে সাপোর্ট পাচ্ছি 🥰আল্লাহ রহমত করলে আমিও দ্রুত সফল হবো ইনশাআল্লাহ 😍 আপনারা সবাই আমন্ত্রিত মেহমান হয়ে এসে এই ছোট পরিবারের ১টা করে ভালবাসা দিয়ে যাবেন ধন্যবাদ 🥰🥰

  35. For this what things and language i have to learn

  36. Thank you very helpful

  37. Hello sir my login button not working

  38. Login pr click krte hi app close Ho jata h

  39. It would be better to share the source code link.

  40. Sorry sir. I have followed your tutorial, but the textview cannot display the sender and the recipient, what is the solution?

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