Construir juego de memoria: Introducción al taller de Android

Esta es una grabación de un taller que realicé en Make School, donde presenté la plataforma Android y construí el juego de “memoria” como una aplicación. El objetivo de este juego (también conocido como concentración) es dar vuelta dos cartas a la vez para encontrar una pareja. Gana el juego cuando todas las cartas hayan sido emparejadas. La codificación comienza a las 26:08. ➤ Código del proyecto: ➤ Make School: Make School ofrece una licenciatura en informática aplicada para preparar a los estudiantes de todos los orígenes para las empresas de tecnología moderna. ➤ El juego de memoria y el código escrito están inspirados en el curso de desarrollo iOS CS193P de Paul Hegarty: ➤ Programación de Kotlin por Venkat Subramaniam: ➤ Libro de recetas de Android: ➤ Kotlin Head First: Sígueme en Twitter:

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  1. Does this project contain any kind of database or database actions??

  2. That's a great lecture, really enjoyed it. Thank you!

  3. Make a video with back-end with java instead of koltin

  4. Sir can you help me. In the main activity it cannot recognize the id for my button. for example.. in your video you used imagebutton1, in mine I used button1 but it didnt recognize it and its in red pls help me.

  5. Here's a comprehensive tutorial to build the Memory Game, including advanced functionality and instructions how to publish:

  6. how can i build a "Restart" Button ????

  7. Idonth what wrong but for (button in buttons) did not work in my device 😭

  8. I am getting to be very aggravated with android studio.
    First android studio works on one computer but not my main computer.
    I clicked on update and now the memory program does not work after running it several times. It now has a problem with the listview command without any changes being made.
    How can you write programs in android studio with it being so glitchy?

  9. The 30 minute history lesson should have been a different video.

  10. Im almost at the end. But i have problem with indexOfSingleSelectedCard. It always show me unresolved reference. Can u help?

  11. Hey , can u expline in 58:46 u get the i add that import

  12. Just completed and also added a "Reset" button on the screen. But, I am not able to write the proper code/method, tried several times and couldn't. Could you please help?
    BTW, excellent video! Simple game but a good one! can build more on this now!

  13. Can you share the same in java?

  14. Hey Rahul. I watched your previous series on Instagram clone, and implemented some of the techniques you mentioned in an app I made recently. Would really appreciate if you could take few minutes to check it out…
    It's basically a contact tracing app for COVID-19.
    We chatted once through youtube and you really helped me debug some of my code that took me days to find. Thanks and really excited for this channel! ❤😁

  15. Saw and intro a bit and skipped to the end part and saw the demo, looks really cool. I Will check out the intro today and will start building the game from tomorrow! It will be my first game! Pretty excited !!

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