Comparación entre Android Q y iOS 13 Beta OS

iOS 13 es el último sistema operativo de Apple. Android Q es el último sistema operativo de Google. Ambas son la última y más grande de sus compañías. Ambos sistemas operativos tienen una funcionalidad muy similar, pero cuán similares son estas funciones.

iOS 13:
Android Q:

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  1. Bro… Blow your nose?

  2. So i saw another ios vs q vedio where iphone just froze

  3. Now Lets Compare The Price

  4. ios 13 gets all it's features from android and android 10 gets all it's features from ios

    I N N O V A T I O N

  5. iOS 13 is completely better than Android in everything including aesthetics, graphic interface, effects and animations.

  6. There is developer options and force global dark mode and every app you install get dark mode…learn before talk!!

  7. Good info. Thank you bro

  8. dark mode on android for the message app is in the separate message settings

  9. Can't really go wrong with either platform, both IOS and Android are smooth and reliable.

  10. You look like a Brian

  11. I only just remembered I was using iOS 13 beta

  12. Hi, where did you buy this Pixel 3 XL case please ? 😉

  13. 2:54 Just touch the right corner in Playstore app till the settings open when you are using gestures.

  14. Don't know why iphone animations are still buttery smooth in 2019 than Android…those iPhone touch response and animations are so so ahead still now…

  15. One of the best , objective tech reviewers on the net !!!!! Great work and thankyou ???

  16. Its boring and you didnt say a lot of things they both have new.

  17. I just hate his fucking voice…??

  18. It's both Unix core, what are you doing here while you sleep with Apple, apple this apple that typically American ,they sell their mother when it brings money in your pocket . fuck apple or they fuck you standing with their NSA spyware

  19. Mate you need to find a more fitting hairstyle

  20. iOS doesn't run on mac smh also the X is a roman numeral

  21. Android has always supported hard drives

  22. If not Android, Apple will be just this year updated "wifi with a bottom on/off", but when you have competition you should move fast or lose am not android fan neither iPhone am user what serve me best is what i use the most

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