¿Cómo hacer una aplicación de fondo de pantalla en Android Studio? | Frikis para frikis

En este video, hablaremos sobre cómo crear una aplicación de fondo de pantalla en Android. En esta aplicación, mostraremos diferentes tipos de fondos de pantalla basados ​​en varias categorías. Además de eso, también implementaremos una funcionalidad de barra de búsqueda y mostraremos un mensaje de herramientas personalizadas dentro de nuestra aplicación. Entonces, comencemos ahora. Consulta el artículo relacionado: Picasso [
Glide [
Fresco [
JSON Parsing in Android using Volley Library [
JSON Parsing in Android using Retrofit Library [

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This video is contributed by Chaitanya Munje.
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20 comentarios

  1. hi i am doing this wallpaper app but I got the requestQueue error .
    so, how to solve this error?

  2. very help full video thank you so much kindly guide on only 1 thing from will get the categoryivurl please?anyone?

  3. please the source code for the url

  4. im getting error the categoryClick is not a functional interface

  5. Wallpaper is not getting set, when i click on wallpaper it’s not showing in new activity, even the images in categories is not visible. I did it twice pls do correct it because there are 19k views now many people will be following it. And if it’s correct then let me know

  6. i have one error for 29.01 for the "Glide" plz tell me how to fix this anyone plz help me

  7. do we need to buy images to put inside wallpapers

  8. bro I can't add allprojects with google maven etc. it shows error

  9. Plz do favorite list for users …how to add favourite button and favourite list ..

  10. Sir please make gallery application

  11. How to share this wallpaper with social media.. pls make tutorial on it…I am getting problem when sharing image on android 11+ device…pls make tutorial on how to share image to whatsapp ir sicial media..pls

  12. How to do this with own images, not with images from other websites. How to get the link for images that are on my desktop and make it that way

  13. how can i get categories links

  14. What is custom post dependency?

  15. What did you do after time 49:00 ??

  16. Facing some errors and I am unable to resolve them. Please provide source Code.

  17. Sir please tell me , can I upload this app on playstore after ad implication . Copyright issue Or Not ?

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