Cómo crear una aplicación de prueba en Android Studio | Tutorial de la aplicación Modern Quiz | Diseño de interfaz de usuario de la aplicación de prueba

Hola a todos, en este video crearemos una aplicación de prueba fuera de línea completa usando Android Studio + Java. Para obtener más proyectos, tutoriales, aprender a codificar, videos de diseño de interfaz de usuario, suscríbase a nuestro canal de YouTube. Puede descargar este proyecto desde la aplicación de Android Learnoset con la documentación completa. Haga clic en el enlace a continuación para descargar la aplicación Cómo crear una aplicación de prueba en línea con Firebase Realtime Database | Tutorial de la aplicación Quiz Cómo hacer un juego de rueda giratoria en Android | Spin Wheel Game Tutorial Android Studio Cómo crear un juego de tres en raya en Android | Tutorial del juego Android Studio Tic Tac Toe | Tic Tac Toe Android UI Aplicación de calculadora completa | Interfaz de usuario material de diseño informático | Tutorial de Android Studio Material de la pantalla de inicio de sesión y registro de Android Diseño de interfaz de usuario | Tutoriales de Android Studio. Tutoriales completos de la aplicación Android Music Player | Diseño de UI / UX de Android Music Player Si desea hacer un video tutorial de proyecto, comente a continuación. Etiquetas:- #quizapp #androidappdevelopment #androiddevelopers #androidstudio #androidstudiotutorial #learncoding #learncoding #learnprogramming #programming #programmingforbeginners #programmingtutorials #javaprogramming #javatutorialforbeginners #javatutorial #learnjava #learnjavaprogramming #javadeveloper #programmer #learnoset #onlinelearning #leatorialetonlinesettutorials #learnosettutorials #aprendercontutoriales codificaciónconaprendizaje

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33 comentarios

  1. i need help when i choose a topic may quiz-activity wont run it will turn black and back at the mian-activity need help

  2. why i dont have that color.parsecolor damnn

  3. where is the source code cause it aint in there description

  4. Siir can you send source code of this quiz application plizzz

  5. Don’t give “next”bottom
    If I am select one answer for one question
    It should go to next question
    By the way user cannot change to correct answer
    So that real result come
    unless other wise every one get 100%result

  6. Play app doesnt work

  7. Good evening, great video tutorial.
    I tried to write such an application based on your video, but after the first page (in the application) when choosing a test, the application gives an error and returns to the main screen of the emulator.
    Please tell me what could be wrong?
    Thanks in advance for your help/

  8. How to make it a random question everytime the next button is pressed?

  9. for the QuestionBanks, do we need to make empty activity or class only?

  10. Very nice tutorials you made. I just do not understand the QuestionsBnk how do you make it. can you a little explanation, please?

  11. hey I download the sorce code from your App and is not working , is sack in lounding the Questions , any solution

  12. did anyone know how to fix the score? getCorrectAnswers loop through all 6 questions and check everytime you select it which is wrong right? does anyone know how to fix it? The score doesnt work as a result.

  13. is this a complete code? I wanna try it, if it is , and try different things using this codes. thanks

  14. Code please ?

  15. I don't have access to the source code, I ask sir.

  16. If possible so pls given source code😐

  17. Muje ek problem araha hai aap me questions change nhi ho raha hai and koi bhi select karna par by default only php ka question araha hai
    Pls help me

  18. thanks bro ,,, informative video

  19. thanks a lot i was looking for this app video finaly i created this app it is runing

  20. Bro app is not launching it saying" something went wrong".

  21. Bro source code ila bro

  22. Hi I bought the source code , when I try to run your code and start quiz it keeps on loading. please help to why was that?

  23. At last quiz score is calculated?

  24. Hello , why Intent(String action) did not appear on my android studio?

  25. no linearlayout appear when I go to main activity please help

  26. hi, your source code is free?

  27. Hello sir
    Is the video completed all the app
    And if it can I copy form it because I am see the source and I have no way to buy

  28. from where u took images for this app?

  29. excelente vídeo 🙂

  30. Sir, when i submit it there is no score, it's blank

  31. Sir, cannot download the learnoset cause ios is not allow to ues play store. Is there any other ways to get sourse code?

  32. why the quiz timer doesnt work?

  33. Thank you very much for everything. But if you can make the images you used for the project available to us, that would be great. Thank you.

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