Cómo convertirse en desarrollador móvil en 2021

Para comenzar una carrera en el desarrollo móvil, ¿debería aprender el desarrollo nativo de Android / iOS o una tecnología multiplataforma como React-Native? ¿Dónde empiezas a aprender sobre desarrollo móvil? ¿Cómo consigues tu primer trabajo de desarrollo móvil? En este video, toco todos estos temas y más. ————————————————– ——————————————- Suscríbete a mi canal de YouTube: Sígueme en Instagram: ——————————————— – ——————————— Marca de tiempo: – ————- ————————————– ———— —————————— Introducción: (0:00) Nativo vs. multiplataforma: (0:54) Android vs. iOS: (2:04) Dónde empezar a aprender: (4:25) Cómo conseguir su primer trabajo móvil: (6:34) Cronología para conseguir su primer trabajo: (9:45) ——- – ————————————– ———– – —— Enlace: —————————————- – ———- ————————————— – – Conceptos básicos de Android en Kotlin (curso gratuito de Google): Comience a desarrollar aplicaciones de iOS en Swift (curso gratuito de Apple): Desarrolle en Swift Explorations & Fundamentals (Apple Books): Canal LetsBuildThatApp para el desarrollo de aplicaciones iOS / Android: Mejores prácticas de Android: Guía de arquitectura de Android: Diseño de materiales de Android: Directrices de interfaz humana de iOS :.

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Smartphone Tech # shorts #iphone #foryou #util # goodthing #android #charger #convenient #top #clean

Tech Smartphone #shorts #techshorts #iphone #foryou #util #goodthing #android #charger #convenient #top #clean.

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  1. you are my personal favorite YouTuber and programmer

  2. Finally, the video I've been looking for,
    thanks 😀

  3. Could you please recommend YouTube channels for Android dev too ? THAnk YOU !

  4. Love this video. Thanks buddy

  5. Thanks, great video. Have this comment for the algo gods as a small token of appreciation.

  6. I don't want to be a mobile developer. I need an app that does a really simple thing for motorcycle safety using the accelerometer. All I need it to do is flash a bright red light (like a tail/brake light) when the phone detects deceleration. That's it simple. Problem is I don't have time or desire to become a developer and all the free app makers I can find do not offer a function of tying a flashing light to the accelerometer. How would I get this made?

  7. How did you learn the basics of Android. Just by developing your own apps or did you go through the whole documentation and try out everything?

  8. Great Video. Consice. Please Can one test an ios App on an actual iphone device without launching on the app store?

  9. really helpful, thanks!

  10. You are so young but insanely mature! You have the greatest videos i found about different topics. Thank you

  11. Sir,i wanna make a mobile.not app.. How can i??

  12. Great video, appreciate it.

    You only mention Kotlin for Android, so it's a nobrainer for you to chose it over Java?

  13. our school taught us swift for 1.5 week… assignment & project the next 1.5 week.. then ios dev the next week after for 1.5 week, then exam + project which is a quiz app for 1.5 week again. Overall, swift + ios dev in 6 weeks with a full app. my brain is literally melted 🤯

  14. Do i have to learn Native languages in both Android & IOS in terms to start learn cross platform language??

  15. Is there any algorithms/data structures solving in mobile developer interviews?

  16. Hey everybody! I`m new to programming so i will buy a laptop and start learning.

    My question is what are the laptop requirements to use all this programs?

    Is this okay?

    1920 x 1080) FHD IPS

    Intel Core i5-1135G7 Processor 2.4 GHz

    Intel Iris X Graphics

    :8GB DDR4 RAM

    512 SSD

    Windows 10 Home

    Thanks a lot!

  17. Should I learn first of python?

  18. Should i start with Java or Kotlin for future Labor market ? I'm young i want to know which language is better for me to Start , Thanks "Jacob"

  19. I've been thinking about Mobile Development recently, and I found this video. Thank you so much! Now I know how to start 😀

  20. Anybody started learning since this video?
    How is it?

  21. Where or what can I code on. Like try out codes 👐🤳

  22. I like that you say Hackintosh is illegal.

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