[Coming Soon] Puffin OS Converter: anima tus dispositivos Android con la tecnología Avatar ⚡

Actualmente estamos desarrollando Puffin OS Converter, que puede instalar Puffin OS en dispositivos móviles con Android 6.0 y superior. Con un aumento significativo en el rendimiento de la tecnología Avatar, su antiguo dispositivo no sería más lento y podría ganar una nueva vida como dispositivo de respaldo.

Esta herramienta se ofrecerá como una recompensa adicional para los patrocinadores que han prometido $ 40 o más.

Apoye la campaña Kickstarter de Puffin OS aquí:.

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41 comentarios

  1. its time to drop it please

  2. This is server base os if network gone just throw it (mobile)!

  3. How to enable full screen mode in Android mobile on puffin browser

  4. OMG With ChromeOS implementing more and more PWAs PuffinOS might actually stand a HUGE chance

  5. I hope CloudMosa will lanunch this within affordable price.

  6. Go fuck yourself money hungry idiots I like how your pro version was free but as soon it was popular you make it five dollars


  8. bring free puffin back for ios please ??

  9. Puffin Video can be viewed and not downloaded through these apps?

  10. bring puffin web browser back to ios >:(

  11. Plis me subscribe ❤️❤️

  12. We ios players loved puffin so much we used everyday untill you guys removed it, it is so sad. I don’t have words. Because i still can’t believe it that it is just gone if i had a chance to bring it back i would do everything i hope in the couple years that you guys know that we miss you and still love you guys.

  13. Rip Puffin ?

  14. Hope I hope they release rom to the galaxy s duos gts7582l

  15. The application is not working.
    Therefore it is not possible to confote to puffin os

  16. When the most important application shows Free Shi

  17. Bring back puffin free iOS

  18. We must revive puffin!

  19. Honestly can't wait for this, the web browser is extremely fast so I could just imagine how smoothly this operating system is going to run.

  20. From where can i get the converter

  21. This only pay at certain countries..?

  22. very good but unfortunately those without root can't use this wonderful software

  23. so how about 20$ below i cant even buy a mid phone but this tool requires a pledged of 40$ and not all phones can get this??

  24. Can you put a Launcher like Lawnchair over the OS?

  25. It looks good ..

  26. Does it work on any device?

  27. Is puffin OS is Free version or paid version?

  28. Looks good and promising.

  29. Anroid apps wont install? On this os

  30. Just an interesting question could I use like an older device such as Samsung Galaxy S4 update it to Lineage OS and then update it to Puffin OS. I know that it would be really a long process since I believe S4 uses Android 5.0.1 and Lineage OS will support Android 8.0 on S4? Just thought that I'd get your thoughts on it.

  31. Add a button to unsubscribe from your email. Thank.

  32. This is a rotten android, not an independent OS. I am disappointed. It would be better to take FirefoxOS as a basis.

  33. Why anyone would even consider doing this is beyond me

  34. Its not Asus Zenfone Live L1
    Its Asus zenfine Lite L1

  35. I wonder if this will turn a Samsung device or devices with passwords to unlock after reboot into puffin OS devices

  36. This is really great and it looks so easy to do very convenient looking forward to this 🙂

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