¡Características de la cámara giratoria Asus 6Z en acción!

El Asus 6Z se lanzó en India y trae una cámara plegable verdaderamente única. Ahora, la cámara plegable Asus 6Z tiene varias características únicas que no muchos conocen. Bueno, en este video, mostramos las increíbles características de la cámara plegable Asus 6Z en acción. Compre Asus 6Z de Flipkart: Síganos en: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: #BeebomImpressions.

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  1. What's up Notification Squad! We are working on the "Asus 6Z vs OnePlus 7" video, so if you have any questions, make sure to comment below. ?

  2. Nice phone value for money products

  3. Hey Rupesh… I am from future ??

  4. Is it still good enough to buy in 2020??

  5. Is any news on asus 7 or 7z ? . #BEEBOM2M

  6. Can I record portrayed mode video with this camera…?

  7. Very nice review and presentation. Super.

  8. Moving objects are not captured with the Auto Panorama camera. Such as vehicles on the road, ceiling fans.

  9. Watching in Asus 6z

  10. Can you hear the camera mechanism noise in video when you are shooting indoor video and you are moving the camera??

  11. Someone with an Asus 6z, please test if we can control the camera angle using volume control on bluetooth headphones?

  12. I think u get natural bokeh without portrait when u use it for selfie

  13. Sir, I'v a question regarding this asus 6z. I heard there is so many issues regarding the software that is in asus 6z. Is it true? Can I know more about this issue?Also i heard asus max pro m2 has a software issue as well thatswhy it stopped the sales abruptly. Please tell me about it.

  14. Bro i want to know that while taking selfie the pic i mean face ll come as a bigger size in screen or our face became smaller and while taking selfie can we edit like beauty mode…

  15. Nonsense, don't buy Asus6z. Straight away no. Go with oneplus atleast it'll be functional. I have taken Asus6z looking at your review, the phone did not last for a month. After sales service is rediculous. It's been 2 months I'm roaming around service center for resolution. Within month, the Camera cannot flip issue. Service center is unable to resolve it. No phone with me since 2 months. I use soft token to login @work. No peace of mind. I challenge you to work with Asus and resolve it. Not bragging the phone on YouTube, should have guts to fight for subscribers. Within a month the phone cannot flip. I leave it to you what you can do with all your game.

  16. Hi Rupesh, everything is good about this camera but like to know why that red tinted skin happening on your face while showing for video logs example. Was this fixed by Asus team via OTA by this time? By the way, plz do a compare b/w 6z vs oppo reno 10x Zoom. Like to see the results.. Great Work as I am ardent fan of your precise covering of all aspects of your review before someone lose patience of watching. Kudos. Way to go!

  17. I was very much convinced to go with ASUS 6z, but now I am confused with Oppo Reno 2 going to launch soon ? Can you please suggest here & come up with comparison review ? I am also worried about low light performance in ASUs 6z , don’t know about oppo reno 2

  18. I dont know why technical guruji got 13M subs

  19. ?wow phone. Great selfies

  20. Nice one mobile

  21. It's a cool gadgets… I already brought & commenting through through 6Z only ?

  22. Does it have bug problems ?

  23. And yeah… I say "And yeah" quite frequently, And yeah it is how I narrate.

  24. It is rare that the actual TITLE in the video and the TITLE in the video-intro are same !!
    Congrats 😀
    BTW glad I found beebom. It's one of the few channels with unbiased reviews, great videos, and really cool intros and effects.

    Also, a lot of effort can be seen in each video.
    Keep up the great work guys, and please don't sell out like those 6+/10+ million subscribers channels

  25. Oppo 10x zoom r 6z ?

  26. Released 2016, June – My XA can do this long long ago.

  27. Best phone for blogging and gaming?

  28. This is a Great Video ? We want More episode of 6Z

  29. Tell about yourself beebom

  30. this phone is truly a flagship killer covering all the aspects(bigger battery, better camera, headphonejack, fast charging and it worth its pricing ) but some people will never admit that this phone is way more practical than oneplus 7.

  31. Asus 6z is Awesome

  32. That's insane Innovation.. mi realme vivo are going crazy with just specs but asus did the real innovation…i like which is something different from other brands

  33. biased review.

  34. Wastage of money don't buy this, wait for MiA3 it will smack it down.

  35. This video is great for drinking game. Take a shot every time he says Asus 6Z. LMAO

  36. ASUS is best

  37. This price have 6/64gb wtf!?

  38. Stepper motor..
    Stepwise rotation – as algorithm say..

  39. The sar value of 6z us high

  40. I feel this phone is better than OnePlus 7

  41. This time intro was? ??

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