Android Education: Deja de hacerlo uno por uno

Cómo mover aplicaciones de Android de forma masiva:

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43 comentarios

  1. Yes it did work on my phone which I thought that it wasn't and I have a Samsung

  2. Works on apple too

  3. It works on my phone, thanks

  4. Didn't work on my LG

  5. Works on an s10 5g

  6. Does not work on one plus Nord

  7. also on apple phones

  8. it does work

  9. Didn't work on mine, it gave me different options….

  10. Hey what phone is that, i only know it's Samsung's, it looks awesome

  11. This works on Android 6 even

  12. Or u can just group the apps in a folder and move that folder wherever u like

  13. It also works on iOS

  14. My phone can't
    I'm Sorry

  15. I think ios implementation is way better

  16. Awesome, my fave so far.

  17. 👏🏻👏🏻

  18. Don't think this works on Pixel Launcher

  19. Now, how do you do it on the iPhone??

  20. in android 12 (AOSP) not worked
    so it's not android, it's UI

  21. It works on my android yay!

  22. Wow thx it worked

  23. Yep done this with all phones …great for seeing only what you need…thanks again savy 👍

  24. Nice feature, thank you! On Huawei P20 Pro with Android 10, doesen't work.

  25. android 11 works

  26. Is that a Galaxy S22 Ultra? I just got one and was amazed at how much i like the S Pen. Just nervous it'll wear down at the tip which can't be replaced.

  27. It works on my phone! (Samsung a31)

  28. Hi can you plz show how to change csc on android 12 plz I can't access call recording, because of region lock

  29. How do you get this nice weather widget😍

  30. Let me tell. You. One of many of your tips does not work on my Android (Poco F3)

  31. Yeaah it works

  32. I works. Tnx
    Galaxy S10

  33. Man iphone and android copying each other

  34. It is nice one

  35. Worked on my Samsung note 8

  36. I found it by accident one day when trying to use my phone in the rain

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