Aires acondicionados portátiles: por qué no debería gustarle

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21 comentarios

  1. I don’t know why I just come back to this video so much it’s really interesting to watch even for like the 8th time. The only thing he missed is the condensation, depending on where you are if it’s really humid, those bundles of joy will overflow with water because there’s no bucket, and most of the time nowhere to put the drain hose.

  2. In my area some condo HOAs and rental bldg management companies don't allow window units. One more reason to hate HOAs.

  3. mine works amaze… and .. its my only option …soooo no respect for this vlog!!

  4. Portable airconditioners arent even cooling he room.

  5. Don't buy portable aircon. It is not good.

  6. Thanks for the very informative vid but I think you're missing an important concept here… when the air drawn in reaches the same temperature as the air pushed out, the thermostat shuts off the refridgeration unit – thus saving power. In any case, my portable unit costs $1,000 less per quarter than the window unit originally installed in my rental dwelling. And it's not louder either, they're both the same. Also, I replaced the vinyl airvent (after it broke & crumbled) with a proper foil/insulated one which cut down the heat eminated by the unit considerably. And I have used insulating type materials for window coverings as well as static (or temporary) window tinting. And finally, the cost of buying a portable unit vs a window unit is also considerably lower (in Australia)

  7. Dude I had one in San Diego it was fucking amazing. Turned the entire condo to like 70 degrees in 10 minutes.

  8. Bro we can fix the leak on the mini split lol

  9. Mini splits can have the house extended, and you can recharge them as well

  10. That Epcot t shirt!

  11. No the room actually gets less warm @ 3:40

  12. The certain actor mechanistically compete because tortoise chronologically plug into a wild chalk. subdued, eatable archaeology

  13. The noise from the portable AC would help me sleep

  14. Here in Florida gets hot in the summer I have central a/c using a package unit on the roof and in those hot days just runs and runs so my electric bill is crazy so I went and bought one portable ac for each room including living rooms to help the central ac

  15. Just listen for the burrrrrrrrrrr… if the air ain't cool it aint workin.

  16. I made the mistake of buying one of those… Waste of money!

  17. I'm stuck with a floor unit, sadly. I have windows that slide open horizontally, so I can't use a standard window unit. )o:

  18. But they bring fresh air in
    Some Fresh air is a good thing as long as it isn’t so much that it overtakes its cooling

  19. This is like a wood stove which uses the indoor air .I heats it then burns it then throws it out the chimney..

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