Ahora en Android: 63 – Android 13 Beta 3, Google Play, DP3 Privacy Sandbox y más.

Bienvenido a Now in Android, su guía continua sobre las novedades y las novedades en el mundo del desarrollo de Android. Hoy cubrimos las actualizaciones de Android 13 Beta 3, Google Play en Google I/O, Privacy Sandbox Developer Preview 3, Android Developers Backstage y otros lanzamientos de AndroidX. Capítulos: 0:00 – Introducción 0:17 – Android 13 Beta 3 0:44 – Google Play en Google I/O 1:04 – DP3 Privacy Sandbox 1:30 – ADB Podcast 1:54 – AndroidX Releases 2:45 – Cierre Arriba Para obtener enlaces a estos elementos, consulte Ahora en Android #63 en Medium → Ahora en podcast de Android → Ahora en artículos de Android → Ahora en listas de reproducción de Android → Suscríbase a desarrolladores de Android → #Desarrolladores de Android #Destacados #AhoraEnAndroid

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  1. 1:20 Yeah, not many people will trust Google on this truly being a privacy preserving way for developers to show ads to the user. Google is in the business of tempting users to click on ads. If Google really cared about privacy policy, then they wouldn't offer "ad personalization" as am option in Google accounts.

  2. Add display resolution change and allow all windows to be resizable and free formed by default

  3. Still no standard for Audio Instrument Plugins?

  4. Developer Options For Perfomance + Instant Load Tweaks v4

    Window Animation Scale 0.5x or Off ( Instant )

    Transition Animation Scale 1x or Off ( Instant ) ( Changes On Reboot On Some Devices )

    Animation Duration Scale 1.5x or Off ( Instant )

    Prevent USB audio Routing OFF

    Limit Background Processes to At Most 3 or 4 Processes

    Set To No BackGround Processes To Close Apps as Soon as You Stop Using Them
    ( Changes on Reboot )

    Leena pro Launcher is a Great UI Replacement or TV Launcher ( Smart&Easy to use ) for a Next Gen Console Feel. ( Controller Friendly ) ( Choose How Many Rows You Like, Wallpapers & A Name of Your Home ( Name Of Console Of Your Liking or Something else ) In The Launcher Settiings )

    Another Great Launcher Is The NSLauncher 150 ( Nintendo Switch Launcher )

    Overlays Pro Are Some Great Floating Apps for Better Multitasking

    Volume Booster By GOODEV for More Volume

  5. why the person speaking is not introduced for the public ?

  6. "adb" should be used when referencing the Android Debug Bridge, not the podcast. Please be more clear

  7. cant wait to use the live update since its really helpful, especially when developing using low spec machine, lol

  8. st 0:44 – "Tune in as Phalene" took a while and several recaps to understand it…. 🤷🏻‍♂

  9. when will it be available for Chromebook ChromeOS 💻 ?

  10. New dark theme ?

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