World of Warcraft móvil (WoW) MMORPG | Grandes novedades para iOS y Android

#Warcraft #WoW ¡Warcraft llega a dispositivos móviles! Grandes noticias de Blizzard en juegos móviles. Twitch: Correo electrónico comercial: Mi enlace de Discord: Instagram: Twitter: Conviértete en miembro: Donar: Artículo: TapTap: Introducción: (0:00) Noticias: (0 : 27) Clausura: (8:40)

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30 comentarios

  1. Finally an mmorpg worth looking forward to

  2. Hm any update on this

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  4. how do i download warcraft mobile

  5. It would be awesome if they combined it with crypto

  6. When they released date . Cant wait.:)

  7. As nearly all Mobile Games, this is going to be just another Free to play, Pay to Progress faster type of game.
    Not that I ain't hyped, but since over 50% of the global revenue from games comes from mobile in-app purchases, well…..
    Diablo Immortal has P2W elements, so WoW mobile is sure to have the same.

  8. I know it'll be coming, and I still can't stop being exciting even after months 😭💀😂

  9. I'm still waiting.

  10. But I hope there's a Blizzard game Moba… For mobile

  11. So excited to play it on mobile❤️❤️

  12. I have a phone, so I can play it, just in case any devs are wondering.

    We shall see this game in 2025, sad because NetEase and other devs have released MMOs on mobile years ago. They’re doing fine. I’d try a WoW mobile game, unless there’s a sub involved, I’ll just go back to PC, and haven’t played on PC since Wrath of the Litch King.

  13. They should make warcraft for mobile so all you had to do was to connect your phone to your TV/ monitor and add keyboard and mouse to your Bluetooth. Then play latest expansion as we're now playing it on the PC.

  14. Hope this happens

  15. Until now, wait, is there a new release of the game on mobile?

  16. Is this released yet?

  17. yeah I think world of war craft mobile will work perfectly in mobile

  18. They need WoW mobile for iOS and Android now. The new era of Mobile phones these day can handle these games now days.

  19. 0:45 seconds in. Read the description section. "Blizzards first online game" "made by the famous developers"…

  20. —- Final Fantasy XIV —-

    — Play A Realm Reborn and Heavensward Expansions —

    — RAID & PvP FREE with no restrictions on playtime —

  21. u see i was praying and wishing for a loooooong looooong time for this to happen…..bringing wow to mobile…….as a fan of wow its not easy these days carrying laptop everywhere looking for a suitable wifi and keeping up the progress but if they bring wow to mobile i can guarantee 100% the fans of wow sky rocket even more….u know even ps4 brought remote play so why not pc these days paid and free emulators are going hit everywhere so why not blizzard bring that tech to this ……it will be a great hit….without a doubt i was praying for this for a long time it will be a blessing if it comes to android we can play everywhere if we have mobile data . we all know call of duty its a pc version, pc now in mobile as well see how hype and sku rocking every day…..same way like remote play digital joystick can control the game it will be easier that this damn keyboard …as for the attack and defense keys its easy in digital remote in screen as well……i say this will be a great hit…there will lots of new fans as well that i can guarantee 100%

  22. Have news???

  23. how many gigabytes that and even my main game is mobile legends

  24. My phone will never survived this game 😂

  25. Wait a minute ik how we can know is true do all of you know runescape well im just saying if that company can put runescape a computer mmorpg role-playing game on the mobile that was supposed to be for the pc maybe they can do the exact same thing to

  26. I really want to play world of warcraft for the mobile

  27. People need to get a life

  28. If anyone plays world of warcraft please train me in the ways of world of warcraft

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