Vista previa del producto AMD 2022

Mire a la directora ejecutiva, la Dra. Lisa Su, presentar el estreno del producto AMD 2022 el 4 de enero de 2022, destacando las próximas soluciones de procesamiento y gráficos de AMD y sus socios, y muestre cómo AMD impulsará mejores experiencias informáticas de alto rendimiento para juegos y entretenimiento. ACTUALIZACIÓN: a partir de enero de 2022, Dell revisó sus planes para la computadora portátil Alienware m17 R5 y la inclusión del material de interfaz térmica Element-31 está sujeta a cambios antes de la producción. Obtenga más información: *** Suscríbase: Síganos en Facebook: Síganos en Twitter: Síganos en Twitch: Síganos en LinkedIn: Síganos en Instagram: © 2022 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. AMD, el logotipo de AMD Arrow y las combinaciones son marcas registradas de Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. en los Estados Unidos y otras jurisdicciones. Otros nombres son solo para fines informativos y pueden ser marcas comerciales de sus respectivos propietarios. .

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25 comentarios

  1. I dont see any diference in this ridiculous short demo presented and my RTX 550… Of 5 years ago… Ok i know that 5000 mhz is impressive tax but the chip desing realy dont matter for me… I want to see great raytrace graphics or a billion poligons in scene… Not square walls, floor and a few particles … Ms directx improving old hardware burning again?? Im ok with windows 7…

  2. Can't wait for those Ryzen 7000 goodies

  3. gotta love that beautiful game play with no FPS counter. 👍

  4. This was meant for buyers who couldn't afford the new chips. Good for amd

  5. 7000 series desktop CPUS are like candy for kids, but this is for adults 🙂

  6. able to use AMD

  7. Almost all the 5800X3D processors will be in the hands of Raptoreum miners.

  8. I just wish that AMDs GPUs were attainable by us gamers, not the scalpers and miners you've been selling them to. Trying to sell us a gimped GPU is just an insult. I'm firmly in the Team Red camp and hope that you'll actually treat your core customers better this time around. There's no reason a RX 6800 XT should cost around $1700 like it does now.

  9. Didn't realize time has moved so fast that I didn't even realize that AMD has released another banger this year.

  10. nice video 😎

  11. YAAAASSSS. TEAM RED! I am looking forward to RDNA 3 as well as Ryzen 6000! I am in need of a new laptop and would love to have an AMD GPU! Hopefully RDNA 3 isn't plagued by shortages as bad as the current GPUs.

  12. The 6500XT will be accessible to more gamers if stock'll exist

  13. That Radeon 6500XT is pathetic AMD. You're not even trying to make a decent affordable GPU

  14. Great presentation.

  15. is there a chance of release of processors on the architecture ZEN for socket am3 ?

  16. Lisa Su is one of the smartest and most innovative women in 21st century technology.

  17. able to use AMD

  18. So sad that RDR won't work on Polaris GPUs

  19. Correct me if I'm wrong but you can actually play Infinite like that with just the CPU?

  20. 2nd half of 2022 is july or december lol

  21. AMD is the best! Period 😊

  22. Thank you, AMD. It was so wonderful, I'll build my next pc with am5

  23. I'll wait for Intel !! You'll have to prove yourself !! Screw games…what about the rest of us!?!?!?

  24. For God's love will you just stop making god level integrated gpu's for the machines which don't even need it!? Do anyone need a strong integrated GPU in 6980HX? Instead, you are underpowering the machine which actually need it. 6600u and 6800u for example. Consumers are gonna buy that only because of igpu performance, nobody will do potato work on ryzen 7 6000 u processors…

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