ViewPager2 con componente de navegación: pantallas de incorporación | Tutorial de Android Studio

ViewPager2 nos permite mostrar una colección de fragmentos o vistas para mostrárselas al usuario en un formato desplazable, que es especialmente popular en las pantallas de visualización de contenido y de incorporación. En este video, implementaremos ViewPager2 con el componente de navegación para crear pantallas integradas. Aprenderá a mostrar pantallas de incorporación solo la primera vez que un usuario inicie su aplicación. Y con el componente de navegación podemos hacerlo de forma elegante. Si no ha visto los siguientes videos, le recomiendo que lo haga antes de ver esto: Componente de navegación: Plantillas en vivo: Archivo de proyecto: Marca de tiempo 0:00 – Introducción 0:21 – Crear pantalla de presentación (fragmento) 1:02 – Crear carta de navegación 1:23 – Agregar fragmento de NavHost 1:50 – Crear fragmento de ViewPager 2:50 – Crear adaptador de ViewPager 3:58 – Crear 3 pantallas de incorporación (fragmentos) 7:13 – Lógica de herramientas para la pantalla de inicio 8:51 – Incorporación de lógica herramienta de capturas de pantalla 12:12 – Verifique si el usuario ha completado la incorporación 15:46 – Corregir el backstack de navegación 🏆 Mis cursos: (OBTENGA 2 MESES DE SUSCRIPCIÓN GRATIS) O 💎 Mi Google Play Store: 💡 Mi cartera:.

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  1. it worked, thanks!

  2. You should have also included the onBackPressedDispatcher method to handle back press events while in the onboarding pages

  3. Tanks for tutorial. I want ask you something.For the responsive desing… background picture which one the hdpi to use should to be ?

  4. You are a life saver! Excellent tutorial. Thanks a lot.

  5. That ":" is really confusing me..
    It can be anything like "extends", "object", or "variable".
    For object, for example :
    OnCreate(Bundle: ?savedInstanceState){super(savedInstanceState);

  6. HELP ME PLEASE: There is an error message:
    E/RecyclerView: No adapter attached; skipping layout

    How can i fix this error?
    I think this error regards to the code line from ViewPagerFragments:
    view.findViewById<ViewPager2>( = adapter

  7. with splash screen.
    thanks so much

  8. How to get more illustration as you have on the onboarding screen.

  9. 17 minute video – "Ah that's gonna be a quick one."
    2 hours later – "Wait, what…?" video paused for the 300th time

    so much information 😂 but helped me very well

  10. We shall keep supporting you

  11. Thanks for all your videos brother
    Keep rocking

  12. thanks for tutorial

  13. wish i had it in java

  14. Thanks, amazing tutorial. Could you tell how to make such vector drawables?

  15. thx man, very cool

  16. Thank you very much !!! I needed help … I made my app with ViewPager and wanted to migrate to ViewPager2 but it didn't work. I didn't know why. You saved me!

  17. i can't seem to reference the viewPager id inside ViewPagerFragment, any idea how to resolve this?

  18. Great Video, looking forward to more content



  21. how to download that drawings

  22. Can you show me / us how to create a SplashScreen, ViewPager2 (for Intro) and BottomNavigation with Navigation Component?

    Such a process:
    first this:
    and last:

    All in one as an app. Can you make a video about this? So as soon as I have the Spalsh and ViewPager through and arrive at "HomeFragment". I see the bottom navigation, but I can't click anything. I'm hanging there and would be very happy about a video about it.

  23. You've been helping me constantly with your very good video tutorials! Thank you very much!

  24. My huge problem now is, how can we move back to an activity from the last fragment

  25. Hi @Stevdza-San
    This is amazing helping me a lot.
    However, I have questions
    So instead of home fragment I did empty activity and last bit of video where it nav back to the onboarding screen. It still happen to mine so it navigate to the finish onboarding screen if I click back.
    Also I am able to scroll the screen without click on "Next"
    Not sure why, could you please help here.
    Thank you

  26. Hey really great video keep up the good work. If you want one suggestion what you can do is make things like these in one video and explain the things used like view pager 2 in detail in another video.

  27. Thank you so much

  28. Very cool and easy to learn!! thank you

  29. hello, I have the same problem 7:47 in that minute how can I solve it, and not only that also when I put some images in other activities I get the same error problem in the application would help me a lot thanks.

  30. Great work bro….keep doing

  31. Hi,
    I have two ViewPager2 layouts, one is a vertical scrollable one and the other is a card stack like layout. I want to include both these ViewPager2 layouts inside a root Recycler View. How can this be done? Any suggestions? Thanks!

  32. Just what I needed. I was trying to do the Java version you did long ago and convert it to Kotlin on my own but it got way too messy.

  33. Can you please make video on scrollable bottom navigation drawer
    Like which is present in photo editor app

  34. make video on custom views

  35. Loved it 🙌🏻😍

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