Vídeos de desplazamiento de Android como TikTok y aplicaciones sociales | ViewPager2 | Tutorial de Android Studio

Vídeos de desplazamiento de Android como TikTok y aplicaciones sociales | ViewPager2 | Tutorial de Android Studio En este tutorial, crearemos una estructura de video desplazable usando ViewPager2. ViewPager2 admite el desplazamiento vertical y horizontal. Para obtener más interesantes tutoriales de Android, suscríbase a mi canal de YouTube y presione el icono de la campana de notificación. Instagram: videos de desplazamiento de Android, viewpager2 de Android, viewpager2, TikTok de Android como una aplicación, TikTok de Android, video de desplazamiento vertical de Android, video de Android en vista de reciclador, video de desplazamiento de Android, video en vista de buscapersonas, vista de buscapersonas de video, video de Android en vista de buscapersonas, TikTok como una aplicación, video de Android como TikTok, video desplazable de Android, video de reproducción de Android, vista de video de Android, vista de video de Android, vista de video, vista de video de Android.

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  1. video is not loading

  2. but here is not function of like and comment
    plese…….implement this

  3. I am adding exoplayer except for video player, but I am getting errors when we sliding up and down.

  4. Sir how can we show videos in a recycler view in Android studio

  5. Infinity android link now not working, there are another website provide same links ?!

  6. Fiz e deu errado nem abre. Devia compartilhar o arquivo pronto

  7. Hello sir, your Video is good , can make this using Exoplayer in recyclerview…

  8. Hii bro this App can use cookies or direct play video with browser

  9. Where can I see the code?

  10. Sir how will i put download the video and share option in android studio help na sir please

  11. Hi bro, when I create the VideoAdapter, the VideoItem symbol is red, could you tell me what's the problem with my side, thx

  12. It's so useful. Thanks!

  13. Can you also show how we can load the videos from firebase firestore

  14. Detecction of scroll automatic for time count of each movie , type stories?

  15. I will make m'y own tiktok

  16. on scrolling up my video realoads again why?

  17. how can we preload the video in that recyclerview like . one video is playing and next item of recyclerview should preload so user does not need to wait to load it just like tick tok and other app………….thanks in andvance

  18. can it swipte left to right?

  19. Please please make full series I am your hug fan bro please please please please please

  20. Bro I Have a doubt,
    How to play video in current position of ViewPager

  21. nice video !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sir please can you make video on video editing like tik tok?

  22. How to add watermark in the video like TikTok, hello or any other application

  23. hi bro…how to load next video while swiping up or while playing current video if its work we can reduce loading time

  24. Hello I need the complete app.

  25. hi brother … you're amazing …but I'm stuck in add sound …please help how i can do this?

  26. My app is not starting in my device. As soon as the app opens a flash screen appears and then goes back to home screen

  27. GREAT VIDEO 😍 Sir TikTok like more videos please!!

  28. hello why play and pause button not showing ? pls repoly sir agar add karna ho to kese karenge ?

  29. hey.. you've done a great work. can you upload source code? thanks in advance

  30. Hey bro please use voice for understanding much better than silence.

  31. sir please make gallery application tutorial.

  32. i am getting title and Description but video is not visible. Plz help me sir

  33. How to upload videos like u

  34. Inspired, Thank you, pls make a video that image and video swipable with video stope if changed view. Like whatsApp showing P2P chat images and videos swipe together

  35. Can we add auto scroll up on video complete

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