Una historia de teléfonos celulares en Doctor Who

Aunque no estuvo presente durante su funcionamiento inicial, los teléfonos celulares jugaron un papel vital en la encarnación del Doctor Who del siglo XXI.

Este video examina cómo los desarrollos de tecnología móvil se han integrado en las historias del programa a lo largo de los años y cómo en algunos casos han inspirado sus narraciones.

Otros episodios de esta serie:

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  1. Booo I switched to watching on a PS4 when you said you're probably watching this on a phone

  2. Don't look at Capaldi's browser history

  3. I think that in the three doctors, the second doctor gives the brigadier a superphone

  4. Phones are useful!

  5. Is the tardis not the first mobile Phone ?

  6. 0:00 Phones. I don't have one. I'm not even watching this video on one!

  7. Hey Richard, I would really appreciate any tips or recommendations you have for your style of videos. (Showing pictures and clips and talking over it without showing face)

    I have anxiety and would love to use YouTube as a way of fighting my anxiety back but would also prefer not to show my face so I’d appreciate your tips on the equipment, editing format, what computer I need etc. Or just recommend what you personally use. Thanks!

  8. I loved that calling the Doctor moment in stolen earth as a kid

  9. I think you forgot the reference to the Tardis as a mobile phone from the Bells of Saint John when the Eleventh Doc tells Clara that that's a surprisingly good description of his Police Box. ☺

  10. Technically watching this on a phone but chromecasting it to my tv. Wonder how that will be shown in the statistics.

  11. How does The Doctor have a phone? Where’d he get it?

  12. Does The Doctor have a Twitter?

  13. The Doctor Who Wiki: we believe that every noun mentioned in Doctor Who should have an article.

  14. Rise of The Cybermen was all about modern technology

  15. It’s so weird when The Doctor mentions Twitter.

  16. odd that the doctor's number in day of the doctor is the same as the number in stolen earth, when that was previously martha's phone. it's possible the tardis absorbed the phone when it changed desktops

  17. In the Girl who waited, Amy used her phone as a Sonic Probe/Screwdriver

  18. Well I'm watching this on a microwave.

  19. Looking at this, it reminds me the non-canon story "Scream of the Shalka" where instead of the classic phone in the TARDIS's "Pull to Open" cabinet, it's replaced as a place to store a mobile with a charger. And he uses it multiple times, contacting UNIT, contacting the TARDIS to inform the Master, and even helps save his life from impending the only way the Doctor can. (I'll let you watch it to see how cool it is).

  20. nope I watch this video at a computer

  21. The quote “We just thought they were filming something here or something” perfectly describes the state of the British public at the moment.

  22. What am I watching?

  23. I can’t tell if this video is a joke or a genuine look in mobile phone

    If this isn’t a joke, please do the significance of fruit in the Doctor Who universe

  24. I was waiting for someone to make a video like this.

  25. What about in time of the doctor when Clara calls the TARDIS whilst cooking Xmas dinner

  26. You missed in series 6 when the Doctor attempts to call Craig when the Cybermatt wakes up.

  27. Have we met the peak of Doctor who videos?

  28. The TARDIS is the ultimate Mobile Phone

  29. In Mentioning the name of Harold Saxon Like you did, you sound like you are going all the way back to the Stone age.

  30. "Because it's a surprisingly accurate description!"

  31. But OH!!! Those old-school roaming charges!

  32. Great topic. It's probably the one aspect of daily aspect of daily life that most SF missed about life at the turn of the 21st century.

  33. I wonder if The Doctor still has Martha’s mobile phone in the TARDIS, I think it would be a nice Easter Egg if they used it in the show again 🙂

  34. 0:03 actually my phone died a few days ago, and how dare you rub it in. :’(

  35. Wait… Marthas phone is the same phone that the doctor borrowed from the guest at Donna's wedding.

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