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Princess Run 3D 👸🧜‍♀️🧚 Todos los niveles Gameplay Android, ios PR3D1GP19

Princess Run 3D – Solución de juego (iOS y Android). Espero que les guste y …

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  1. Hey guys! If you want to get the rest of the course then you can find it on my site. It's just $12 and you get access to all of my courses, check it out if you're interested! http://bit.ly/2ZsRfB8

  2. I am not able to find exercise files can anyone please help me !!!

  3. Hi is it best to download the course from the link provided, or via Udemy I have some experience just struggling with the case studies plus nice to learn more about XD your course sounds good.

  4. It blows my mind how many people can't read things upside down or at off degrees or angles. I only found this out this year…I always tell people "just flip it in your mind" and they simply can't. I honestly want to know why!!!

  5. Thank you so much for this workshop! very insightful and also thank you for sharing all the free exercise files with us. They are being very helpful 😄 – and yeah you gain one subscriber 🙂

  6. I don't see assets in creative cloud desktop app. Is it available only for paid version ? Any help is appreciated. thanks

  7. Could you point me to a good resource for using screenshots and transparent buttons to redesign something like Zoom or Teams?

  8. I am very interested in joining this course but the problem is I cannot afford to pay for Photoshop or illustrator. I use only Pixlr and Gravit..Still can I sign up for your full course?!

  9. I believe dan was born to teach and illustrate the design and design's tool, currently, I am studying Photoshop advanced course on Skillshare, and really it increase my skill set. Thank you Dan!

  10. I cant download the exercise files can anyone help me ?

  11. He give so nice vibe while talking 😊😊

  12. Es decir MORENA se resume en propaganda

  13. It is not free now. I am not able to download ☹️

  14. Now waiting for high fidelity wireframing❤

  15. Hello ^^

    I’m Taiwanese and new one in UX/UI world.Thank you for your course video. It’s really helpful for me.

  16. i got confident, thank you.

  17. he speaking like a hell

  18. Dan you should update your course on UDEMY!!!!!

  19. Sir, I have a Doubt.

    If we cant make XD works into responsive pages like you said in the 27th min onwards in the class. I would like to know what the Responsive size option on the right side is for. I am interested in XD and i really wanna understand all the possibilities, trick's and tips also right and wrong and can and cant in this software. I do understand its been almost 2 years since this video is up but still I hope you respond.
    Thank you.

  20. And cant thank you enough I honestly praise you for giving out so much content for free… Very admirable. I find that UI is a skill that is shared so much and so indepth i really love this part of the industry.

  21. No idea if this will be read, loved the course… I love the first couple of minutes and wanted to have the exact same effect for a video i need. Can I ask what software you used to create it?… Or if anyone else knows of software that can reproduce that that will be cool.

  22. i cant download the exercise file is there any other link

  23. Hey man, you're a gem! <3

  24. half gray screen with ilabb.. awesome

  25. So so nicely explained…😃 The way you tell your experiences and applied stuff, your teaching methodology is really great. Really glad to learn from you sir.😌

  26. Thanks for this video, nice! 👍🏼

  27. Before I even watch this video, I would like to say a massive thank you! I have my own channel and I understand how much time it can take to create videos so for you putting out this course and giving such value in 3 hours, is really commendable. Thank you so much!

  28. 1:24:20 no matter what I do, it's also stretching the columns of text inside the banner.

  29. hey man, you dont have hair!

  30. Will wearing trendy hipster glasses help me in my design journey? Thanks.

  31. Unfair for me who bought this course on udemy 🙂

  32. Lmao I felt that so much when Dani says "… if you're a poor person with Windows pc and android phone" 😭

  33. thanks for this video …it helped me out a lot.

  34. Excellent content sir and just a little heads up, I wished you took more breaths as you speak. I’m not a native English speaker so it’s very hard to get some of the things you say looking at the faster rate at which you speak.
    Thanks 😊

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