Tutorial de desarrollo de Android – My Restaurant Part 14 Cash On Deliver Payment

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En la lección de hoy, le mostraré cómo procesar el sistema contra reembolso

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  1. Eddy order is placing successfully . but response is "[update order] null" in toast in onerror(). not even sending true and false. i check class fields with json its matching. why it happens??

  2. Thank you Master!! 😀
    I have a doubt, when I add the order, the records are registered twice in the database, do you know why?

  3. Hi sir , order placed twice in Order table… I see you had same error because in Order Table (MySql) you have same order twice , one with correct NumOfItem and the second with NumOfItem 0.

  4. add twice in to database and says internal database error 500

  5. sir i have problem
    [UPDATE ORDER] http 500 internal server error

  6. Sir when I place order and select COD it sends to DATABASE MSQL and MSSQL as false and when I check on view order activity it says TransactionId : NONE why it gets cod false? I have tested it in advance rest client manually and in field Cod i put true but still on database it still gets false ? What may be the problem?

  7. Sir I had error CREATE ORDER null , I solved it by changing success to true where result: rows because in your tutorial it had false from the create order funcion from API , but now in updateorder i get erro 500 internal server …. but i see that create order makes 2 times in db , 1 with the normal values and the other one is null , and a the updateorder function does make in db why am i getting error 500 if it does write in db succesfully?

  8. Sir in food detail addon have [{"description":"","extraPrice":5.0,"id":4,"name": but no have name where activity i can search this error? 🙁


  10. sir can you add order date limitation
    for example if user order date is above 2 weeks from current date user will get error to correct the date of order

  11. How can we check order is placed or not?? Something like order history of success when will receive some kind

  12. Sir, already you done same kind of projects, now can you try some different things?

  13. sir i have Question why my admob doesnt shoe up on my apps Ill check my its all correct nothings have problem

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