Tutorial de Android Studio – Parte 11 (Edición 2019)

En este tutorial para desarrolladores de Android, creamos un Switch que controla un botón. Por ejemplo, este interruptor podría controlar la visibilidad de un botón, como los términos del servicio. Todo en XML y Kotlin. Listo? Vamos!

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7 comentarios

  1. hi, please anyone can give me advice on that I have some question I am making an app it has 4 functions.

    1.view and manipulate the list of customer

    2. view and manipulate to do tasks

    3. view and manipulate events

    4.view and manipulate images that are associated with the clients.

    shall I use spinner, text view, SQLite database

  2. This is the first tutorial I have not been able to get to work. At 4:58, when I start typing "switch1.setOnCheckedChangeListener", I get 3 different options than you show. I choose the one with the curly braces with has parameters of "compoundButton, b". I can change "compoundButton" to "button", which is the ID of my button and leave the "b" everywhere you have "isChecked" and I can get the debug statement to work as you do. Except when you add "$isChecked" as a parameter in the debug statement, I get a compile error if I use "$b". Lost, now…

  3. Daniel, Unless this is jumping into too advanced a topic, I would like to learn how to read and write to files and display the information on the screen and also how to read from a usb device that is sending a stream of ASCII data. Your style is absolutely great. I would pay to attend a course you teach!

  4. please more video with writing tests

  5. Daniel, do you have an email to contact you?

  6. where can i contact you sir? thanks in advance

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