Tutorial de Android Studio de la aplicación To Do List | Parte 2 – Diseño de diseño de material (Vista de reciclador, Vista de pestaña)

En esta serie, crearemos una aplicación de lista de tareas que se puede usar para crear, editar y eliminar tareas. La aplicación está construida a través de Recycler View, Card View y utiliza la base de datos SQLite para almacenar actividades en la aplicación To-Do. En este video, explico el diseño del diseño que incluye el diseño de la actividad principal y el diseño de la actividad Splash, con la vista del reciclador, la vista de pestañas, la hoja inferior y el botón de acción flotante. En esta serie de tutoriales, aprenderemos diseños como Recycler View y Card View y aprenderemos a trabajar con la base de datos SQLite para crear la aplicación de lista de tareas pendientes en Android. Este tutorial sobre la aplicación de lista de tareas pendientes para Android Studio utiliza ItemTouchHelper para habilitar las opciones de desplazamiento para cada tarea en la aplicación de lista de tareas pendientes para Android. Desarrollo completo de la aplicación PlayList ToDo – Código Github – Proyectos completos para principiantes de Android – Obtenga más aplicaciones de Penguin Coders en Play Store – Aplicación NewsWrap para Android de The Penguin Coders – Siga a Penguin Coders en las redes sociales – Twitter – Youtube – Sígame en las redes sociales – Twitter – LinkedIn – Github –

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  1. Amazzingg explanation I've heard so far!! I don't know why but you sound very similar to Sachin Rana bhaiya (youtuber from IITB)

  2. Thank You Sir …

  3. When i put vector in src (ic_baseline_add) is default is black, why?

  4. I'm having error in task_layout.xml in making card view it shows so many errors what should i do now?

  5. Bhai, aapne kaha se sikha?

  6. I get error on "app:". it says that "app" is unknown

  7. very well explained, finally i found the clear explanation !

  8. Recycler view is not working

  9. Excellent tutorial!! Good explainer and a good project!

    I will continue to follow your project!

  10. Hey 🙂 What version of Android Studio did you use while making this project?


  12. The xml files of the source code don't open….can you give
    any other source for the source code?

  13. i have a problem when i add an image to the drawable file it doesn't show me anything

  14. man, this tutorial is very good! what's the best of it: it's very latest! thank you!

  15. Wow thank you! im just having a small problem.. my recyclerview is just showing "androidx.recyclerview.widget.RecyclerView" instead of "item1", etc

  16. thank you for your clear explanation

  17. Where can i get doitapplicon.png ?

  18. should the application be working at this stage? I started the app but it is stuck on the splash screen

  19. Thanks, Man! You just saved my day… You deserve way more subscribers and I would like to ask you a favor, please start a video series like some sort of tutorial videos on Android, from the basics.. Much love and take care 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  20. i am getting this render problem Path.op() not supported please help

  21. 10:30, my colour of vector image is staying black, not changing… please help

  22. Your lecture is so kind to learn. Thank you so much.

  23. Excited tutorial tho! Can you please help me?
    When im typing the app:layoutManager the app word turns into red and says " http://schemas.android.com/apk/res-auto? " is there anyway to solve this?

  24. When i tried to implement recycler view its showing error.

  25. Nice explanation. Great tutorial for a newbie like me! Thanks a lot for your efforts

  26. Couldn't understand what u did with implementation for recycler view🤔🤔

  27. Awesome! I managed to follow all the way. Good job!

  28. Such clear and concise explanation 😍

  29. Crystal clear tutorial✨
    So excited to complete this project 😀

  30. Waiting for Part 3. Has been of much help thx

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